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How to make chocolate at home? Explain the whole recipe.

We all love to eat chocolate. It is really very delicious, healthy and easy to purchase thing. Whenever we think to taste some chocolate, we simply prefer to get it from local shops. Off-course we can purchase the chocolate from the shops, but have you ever tried to prepare it at your home? No, then here we will assist you in exploring the best method of making chocolate at home. This is true that plenty of individuals around the world don’t know how to make chocolate at home, while it is too easy to prepare. Let’s explore the way of making chocolate at home.

Ingredient required for making the chocolate at home are:

  • Take milk in 2/3 cup amount.
  • Two cup cocoa powder.
  • ¾ cup butter.
  • One cup water.
  • One fourth cup fine flour.
  • Half cup granulated sugar.

As you can read above, the ingredients are quite easy to find at your kitchen. Arrange all of them carefully in the same amount. If you want to make chocolate in larger amount, then simply multiply the quantity with two and take ingredients in that amount. Now follow the given process to prepare chocolate at home.

Process of making chocolate at home:

  • Take two cup cocoa powder in a pan and make it very fine. There must not be any kind of burl into the cocoa powder.
  • Now insert the small slices of butter into the pan in which you have taken the cocoa powder.
  • Before doing further action, you have to grind the butter slices fine.
  • Now pour the whole mix into a food processor or food blender to create a fine blend of whole mix.
  • Take another pan and put one cup water in it.
  • Now pour the prepared blend of cocoa powder and butter in water and start heating it.
  • Keep heating, until it gets hot.
  • Pour the whole heated mix in another pan and insert 2/3 cup quantity of milk in it and also ¼ cup flour, along with the sugar powder.
  • Take whole prepared mix over the blender and prepare a fine blend of all these ingredients.

Let it be cool and then serve it. For sure you will make delicious chocolate from this recipe.

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