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How Mahalaxmi worship Story Began as Gajswrup

Friday is very famous about the worship of Mahalaxmi and here we are focusing on the two stories about Mahalaxmi Worship Story which is begun as Gajswrup. Friday is much famous for the fast of Vaibhav Laxmi and the festival of Mahalaxmi Worship has come in every year. There is Mahalaxmi Worship Story which is very famous in the Hindu religion. Mahalaxmi Worship Story is very famous and people are told if we doing this fast and read the story then our wish will complete in few days and in a short period of time and this is only the fast where the story will be repeated in 16 times. Will start the first Mahalaxmi Worship Story:

First Story:

In a village, a poor Brahmin was live. He believed on lord Vishnu and he had daily worship to the lord Vishnu. And lord Vishnu has decided to give the sight this Brahmin because lord Vishnu is happy by his dedication about his worship. And lord Vishnu said him for the wish summon. Then Brahmin said, he wants the courtesy of maa Laxmi. Then lord Vishnu suggests the way how he got it. In this suggested way, where Brahmin needs to go the temple where a one lady has come so you need to go near of this lady and said her to come to your house because she is Devi Laxmi. Brahmin did the same according to the lord Vishnu’s word. But Devi Laxmi didn’t accept Brahmin’ invitation and she understands who told him about her. But Devi Laxmi said the way how to get the money and all wishes comes true. There Devi Laxmi told about the 16 days fast and that fast is called the fast of Mahalaxmi and Devi Laxmi told the process about this fast. Where in the last and 16th day Brahmin needs to give the ardhya to the moon in a night and because of that you got the completion of your worship. Brahmin did it and Devi Laxmi fulfills her promise to with Brahmin. And now this fast is very famous with the Mahalaxmi Worship Story and people has highly believed on this story.

Second Story:

A day the Mahalaxmi festival has come. In the Hastinapur, Gandhari had given the invitation to all ladies for the worship, but she didn’t invite the Kunti. The 100 son of the Gandhari has given the soil for making the large elephant for worship and decorate this elephant greatly and put it on between the palaces. And in the few times, all ladies are moved to the Palace for worship. Kunti was sad and when Pandava has asked the reason for the sadness to Kunti, then she said how can I do worship? Then Arjun told Kunti “Mother, you start the preparation for worship I will come with the live elephant within few times”! Then Arjun has met with lord Indra and take the Eravat for worship. Then Kunti has do the worship and because that Eravat is of lord Indra, and that’s because all are come to worship for this elephant and do the worship. And in this fast 16 words story has loop in the 16 times and tribute the rice and wheat.

Both are the Mahalaxmi Worship Story which is very famous in the Hinduism for Mahalaxmi fast.

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