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Magelang indonesia travel guide

Magelang indonesia travel guide

Magelang indonesia travel guide

Magelang is a city in Central Java with a strategic location because it is located on the main route Semarang-Yogyakarta that many users through the vehicle. The city has an area of 108,573 hectares with a population of 1,188,141 inhabitants. Magelang economy is dominated locals who work as farmers and farm workers with agricultural products such as, vegetables and fruits. One of the famous fruits and much-loved visitors is the durian candy that can be purchased at affordable prices. Based Magelang travel information, best time to visit Magelang can do throughout the year.


Trough the Magelang travel guide, visitors can find a variety of attractions and interesting history to be traced. With the proper guide, visitors can see the history of Magelang since the British occupation until the Dutch have increased in many areas, both economic, transport, or utilities. Several historic buildings and sights the main attraction for visitors while enjoying the cool and refreshing.


When you book hotels in Magelang, lots of classy and cozy hotels offers affordable prices that can provide comfort for visitors. Make sure you book your hotel through Magelang travel information to get a hotel with beautiful surroundings, fresh air and pollution free. The hospitality of the Magelang the main attraction for the tourism that currently increases.


According to the Magelang travel information, the city witnessed a rapid increase in a variety of areas, ranging from education, health, the economy that make up the tourism Magelang more alive and growing. Magelang travel information will take visitors down every corner of the city without being missed, and enjoy all the typical Magelang cuisines.


Places to stay in Magelang


The Oxalis Regency Hotel


The Oxalis Regency Hotel is conveniently located from the city center, tourist attractions, business centers and international golf courses by offering a classy hotel with natural and rustic atmosphere that provides relaxation for visitors. Visitors can choose a hotel room types are available such as, royal suite room with Javanese tropical garden, a junior suite room with a mountain view complete with 24-hour room service, a swimming pool, and car rental services to explore Magelang.


Puri Asri


Conveniently located 20 minutes from the popular tourist attractions in the world, namely Borobudur temple offers spectacular vistas, from the mountains, rice fields, rivers with a comfortable feel. This hotel not only offers comfort for adults but provide a safe playground for children, ranging from a swimming pool and more. With hospitality, hotel staff makes visitors feel at home and back to visit with a lot of satisfaction. Four types of room options are available for visitors with full amenities and luxury at an affordable price.


Nang Tidar Hotel


Tidar Nang offers a memorable experience for visitors while in Magelang with special and exclusive services. Visitors will be spoiled with a welcome drink service with the availability of 31 rooms, and three types of rooms are ready to provide relaxation and comfort. Coffee room, meeting room, room services, laundry, lounge, and taxi services provided to visitors as needed.




Grand Artos Aerowisata Hotel


Designed with the modern concept of luxury and world-class facilities equipped to be one of the best hotels in Magelang offers 168 superior rooms, 6 rooms grand superior, 6 deluxe rooms, 6 junior suites, 4 executive suites, 1 royal suits and 1 presidential suite of the impressive visitors. All rooms include luxury amenities such as LCD TV, minibar, safe deposit box, coffee or tea maker, air conditioning and more.


Popular things to do and see in Magelang


Borobudur Temple


The temple is a tourist destination around the world that include one of the Seven Wonders, built by the Sailendra kings in the 8th century AD. Achieved 34.5-meter high temple looks majestic look and make all people amazed. Visitors are invited to see the biggest annual event every May at the feast of the holy Tri Vesak Day that commemorates the birth of Siddharta Gautama and receiving revelation.


Mendut temple


The temple is 3km Mendut toward Jogyakarta and older than Borobudur temple. This temple is considered auspicious by some people that contain the altar where the three statues of Buddha standing on the inside of the temple. Reliefs on temple walls still visible in the form of stories and containing moral teachings using animal figures as characters. Based Magelang travel information, Mendut temple discovered in 1836 and renovated in 1897-1904.


Hotwater bathingUmbul Temple


Hot water bathing Umbul Sailendra dynasty temple is a relic that gives warmth amid the cool air Magelang. Some historical relics in the form of two statues of Durga, Ganesha statues 2, and 1 Siwaguru statues can be found in the temple Umbul area.


Ketep Pass


Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level with high temperature and cool. Visitors treated to a beautiful view of Mount Merapi, merbabu, chipped, Sindoro and spectacular mountain Menoreh. Gazebo to relax and enjoy the cool air while enjoying roasted corn.




Waterfall Curug silawe located on the mountain slopes cleft with a height of 50 meters, which brings visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains surrounded by pine forests. Coolness and beauty of nature around the waterfalls curug silawe provides attraction for visitors. Get detailed information about the location and facilities through Magelang travel guide.


Places to eat in Magelang


Villa Sumbing French Restaurant


Designed with the traditional concept of Java that provides comfort while dining with friends. Villa chipped French restaurant offers a variety of steaks, ranging from turkey steak, tenderloin to drink tempting. Visitors are not only treated to gourmet cuisine and luxury but also the atmosphere of the best are hard to find in other places.



Limaran Roof Top Resto


Resto spectacular views from the 9th floor that can be enjoyed by visitors when making reservations at the hotel’s tour aero treat a variety of food and enjoy fine dining with a view of three mountain range such as the volcano, and Godang merbabu that can accommodate 60 people.


Pandan Coffee Shop


Pandan coffee shop offering traditional food, Asia and Europe that arouse the appetite of visitors who operates from 6 am to 10 pm. Enjoy traditional food with s typical of Indonesia’s best spice.

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