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Luke Cage is Looks Stronger than Bullet in the First Clip

All is aware through the Netflix which is a very famous American Entertainment company and that if founded in 1997 in the Scotts Valley, California and this is very famous in whole world. A Luke Cage is famous with the name of Power Man and he is a fictional superhero of the American comic books which is published by Marvel Comics. Gives the durability and amazing super-strength through the experiment and there wrong accused man escape the prison who has become a superhero for hire. Well, the Netflix has released the first clip and that is from the upcoming series Luke Cage on Saturday. In after 1 or 2 weeks, we got the first trailer for it at the San Diego Comic-Con.

That clip has expanded on a scene which attached into the season 2 of the Daredevil and there were Like Cage has ducking with the bunch or group of baddies in at the boxing gym and that is not only to take the showered and that showered is the wave of bullets. That is our luck like our superhero has the power to deflect about anything. All is expected his eye for style and there we see the poor guy who has the t-shirt like as napkins. The entire 13 episode are available in the September and next we will get in the first season of Iron Fist and that will come in the year 2017. And that will follow by all the hero of Netflix Marvel in coming together with the first season of The Defenders in 2017. And here also include the teaser which is especially for that.

There the other significant is Jessica Jones, Claire Temple, and She-Hulk. Well, the Luke Cage is really very nice because he is a superhero of all visitors and they always want to see him in different interesting action like as now. Now Luke Cage is compared with the speeding Bullet inside the first clip where his character is super much interesting. All bullets are failed when it taking in the contact of his body. That is an action series in 2016 and the American comic book are quite interested with this character and lots of series and episode are already in the market which can easily take and join. All fans are just waiting for the Luke Cage 2016 which is coming soon within one or two weeks after and visitors easily join it.

Luke Cage is the very powerful character of this book series and he has firstly appeared in the year 1972 and there he got the superpower which allows him to unbreakable skin and he has the superhuman strength. All are much excited to see him now in the new one with the new story. Well, Luke Cage is the really much interesting character of the Netflix which always trying to get something new and excited like the new thing appeared in Luke Cage 2016.

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