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Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 3000 lbs

Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 3000 lbs

Are you looking for Ultra Lite travel trailers under 3000 lbs? If yes, then here I will show you the best list of top 10 lightweight travel trailers, which will help you in choosing the best for you.

1-      Dutchmen Aerolite Zoom micro-lite travel trailer:

This light weight travel trailer’s exterior length is 14’8″ – 26’3″ and interior is 6’6.” It is available in eight different models, which are offering you eight different floor plans. Its net cargo capability is 1043-1847 lbs, and its dry weight is between 2509 lbs.

2-      Escape travel trailer

This lightweight travel trailer agency is offering you Ultra Lite travel trailers in different verities. It has two different floor plans with incredible interior shape and facilities. In it, you will get interior height of 6.2 feet, and its total dry weight is 1900lbs.

3-      Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Travel Trailer:

Forest River is a popular manufacture of Light weight travel trailers. Now it is offering you Cherokee Grey Wolf, which total dry weight of 1700 lbs- 3800 lbs. Interior of this travel trailer is awesome and eye-catching including whole necessary facilities.

4-      R-Pod Ultra Lite travel trailer by Forest River review:

It is another good, but small, lightweight travel trailer offered by Forest River Company. It is available in three different floor plans with including good sitting arrangement and interior kitchen facility. Its total dry weight is up to 2500 lbs, and it is easy to tow anywhere.

5-      Rockwood Mini Lite by Forest River:

Forest River Company is continuously inventing new types of lightweight travel trailer. Rockwood is the best example of mini shape travel trailer. Its total dry weight is 2800 lbs, and it is coming with a bed and kitchen. Additionally you will get good sitting arrangement and other additional facilities.

6-      Heartland Focus liteweight travel trailer RV:

This amazing lightweight travel trailer is available in eight floor plans, and you will get a movable bedroom with it. Kitchen, TV, Sitting arrangements is some additional facilities offered by this lightweight travel trailer. Its dry weight is between 2795-4656 lbs. You can choose the model according to your need.

7-      Heartland Edge travel trailer:

It is another advance travel trailer version offered by Heartland Company. This travel trailer is available in five different floor plans. You can select any suitable one with the best facilities. It dry weight is between 2,498 – 3,690 lbs.

8-      Gulf Stream Visa travel trailer:

Can you imagine that in a short length of 22.11 feet you can get a bed, two long couches and kitchen facilities in a travel trailer? Gulf Stream has made it possible in the form of Visa. Its total dry weight is between 2605 and TBA lbs. You can choose the best model for your family.

9-      Hi-Lo Sporty TowLite:

This lightweight travel trailer is also called the first small trailer of the world. It is offering you a refrigerator, shower, bathroom, kitchen and movable dining table facility. It is perfect for a small family, and its dry weight is 2500 lbs.

10-  Hi-Lo TowLite 15T telescoping small travel trailer:

It is another small, lightweight travel trailer, developed by Hi-Lo Company. Its dry weight is 2100 lbs and available with similar features as TowLite.

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