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Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Leaked Video of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp‬‬ is now aberserk at Amber Heard‬ in the Case of Vicious Argument

Both are the very famous personality of America and Amber Heard is a very famous American actress and active from her film debut in the year 20004 in the drama which name is Friday Night Lights, and she got the Young Hollywood Awards. Well, another side is her husband name is ‪Johnny Depp who is also a very famous actor, musician and producer and he had won the two awards like Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for the talent of the best actor. Well here let it be talking about the latest news which remarks to Johnny Deep had aberserk at Amber Heard in the Vicious Argument.

There was the moment which is recorded by the Amber Heard against to the Johnny Depp smashing up in the kitchen in the violent of rage. But the actress had denied to leaking this video and that is getting without the knowledge of Depp’s but spread in the news. That domestic incident of the married couple is now in front of the media and that is very shocking to all. Well, this couple is currently in the news because of his ugly divorce battle.  The TMZ originally has to obtain the video but they are claimed on it because in this video Johnny Depp is very violent after asked by Heard like if he had drunk like that entire volume in that morning. There were the many words like crazy and smashing up their house. Now this matter is all around the social media sites.

Johnny Depp claimed on the footage which has been heavily edited and that video is against to the Oscar-nominated star Depp who slams kitchen cabinets and that is the very shameful thing if is it really edited by anyone. According to the news in off camera deep can show the mumbling. And she said their, I just woke up and you were very nice and very sweet and we were not fighting in the morning and also said sorry for which I did. And he said do you want to see something crazy than wait I will show you crazy. The video was going to be online since Saturday and actress Amber Heard has confirmed each situation in that video. According to that video shows like she reveals had an emotional impact against to the Hollywood star.

That video is on 21 May that was in the recent accident and where when Amber Heard claimed on the Johnny Depp for assaulted her and also for bruised her face. That couple is now on the foot of divorce. Well, that couple was married in 2015 and on 23 may 2016 Amber Heard had filed the divorce and that had a very shocking moment because that was not the long term marriage. That is now on Finish Street and that video is made that wedding and divorces more solid because it’s just treated as evidence against to Johnny Depp.

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