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kupang indonesia travel guide
kupang indonesia travel guide

kupang indonesia travel guide

kupang indonesia travel guide

Kupang is the capital of East Nusa Tenggara province with an area of 180.27 square kilometers with a population of 450 000 million, and locate in the northwestern part of the island of Timor. Indonesia is a country that has a population from various ethnic groups, and mussels inhabited by various tribes such as, tribal Timor, Rote, Chinese, Flores and settlers from the island of Java. Kupang derived from the name of a king who ruled this city before the Portuguese arrived.


Through the Kupang travel guide, lot of information about the culture of the local people as a tourist attraction during a visit to Kupang. Kupang airport is a former Dutch colonial progress and experience to date as airports that operate domestic and international flights. Economic development of the city of Kupang increased with the opening of many enchanting tourist spot for local and foreign tourists. Similar to many cities in Indonesia, Kupang has interesting attractions that can be explored.


When you book hotels in Kupang, visitors can get much information available about the history of Kupang thus providing proximity travelers to mingle with locals. Kupang store lot of hidden charm that can make visitors seem especially seafood fan. Typical food Kupang is a treat for tourists with a mix of herbs and plant crops. Travelers can use the services of a tour offered by the hotel accommodation for around Kupang.

According to the Kupang travel information, the development of the city is not only limited to the tourism industry but also the economy and education with many colleges are built, either private or public universities. With the proper guide, travelers can explore the Kupang using public transportation is available and safe. Accessories on public transport and the vibrant music boom making public transport can be found in various corners of the city of Kupang.


Places to stay in Kupang


Crystal Hotel


Crystal hotel is located in the East Kingdom provides 139 rooms with 5 types of rooms with modern facilities and equipped to provide the best service to visitors. Coffee shop, restaurant, bar, pub, business center, shops smoking room, meeting facilities, and others are available for visitors utilized when needed. In- room safe, internet access, coffee and tea maker, and other services are provided in every room that has been carefully selected for the convenience of visitors. Airport transfer service / hotel provided as a service of the Crystal Hotel.


Astiti Hotel


Astiti hotel is 1km from the town center and ensure visitors can quickly and easily reach the tourist attractions offering a comfortable atmosphere with the best facilities in accordance with the price offered. Services is provided by the hotel and the best response to guest demand. Three types of rooms available to suit your needs and comfort of visitors. Make sure your visitors get the proper to arrive at the location of the Astiti hotel.


Sasando Hotel


Sasando hotel located in RA Kartini with 3 types of rooms that provide high comfort for visitors. Restaurant, coffee house, meeting facilities, bar, business center and others are available for visitors traveling on business in Kupang. Sasando hotel provides facilities with high quality including hotel rooms are non smoking rooms, complimentary drinking water, satellite TV, air conditioning, and more.




Sylvia Hotel


Sylvia hotel provides 77 rooms with two types of rooms are located in the Soeharto Street is a hotel located in a strategic location. Visitors can visit the city center within 1km, 10km from the airport. Coffee shop, 24 hours room service, restaurant, internet access and others are available as a service to provide visitor satisfaction. Sylvia hotel providing the best service by presenting a professional staff and responsive to the needs of visitors.


Popular things to do and see in Kupang


Tuadale Lake


Tuadale Lake located in the area of 10 hectares that located in the western Kupang offering original and beautiful natural scenery. With the guidance and the best guides, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the mangrove forest using traditional boats and buy fresh fish from the local population. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility of fishing with stunning scenery.


Forest Camplong


Forest Camplong be one type of forest with beautiful natural bath and cool, located at the foot of the mountain Fatuleu. Visitors can enjoy the springs, natural pools and see the protected animals. Camplong forest area has crocodile, Timor deer, snakes and a variety of endemic species such as Olive-shouldered Parrot, Black-backed Fruit-Doves. With the proper guide, visitors can trace the legacy of Japanese-made cave during the Second World War.


Lasiana Beach


Lasiana beach is one of the tourist destinations of the tourists, both local and foreign tourists with stunning views. Visitors can enjoy the sunset with a relaxing in lopo-lopo which is a traditional cottage Kupang made to resemble an umbrella with a pole of palm trees thatched roofed so as to provide comfort to the visitors.




Oenesu Waterfall is 17 kilometers from the city of Kupang and beach Lasiana. Oenesu waterfall is always full of visitors both local and foreign tourists with area 0.7 acres are as adventurous an exciting place. Visitors can get a tour guide from local residents to be able to reach the falls Oenesu.




Tesbatan waterfall offering stunning natural landscape because it has 5 levels that protect forests Tesbatan. Visitors can perform camping in the arena tesbatan waterfall with cool climate. With the proper guide, visitors can reach the waterfall Tesbatan within 54km of the city by public transportation or a rental car.


Places to eat in Kupang




Fisherman restaurant offers seafood dish popular with delicacy and panoramic coastal views. Visitors can enjoy a meal while looking at the beach. Restaurant fishermen are on the road timor highway can be reached easily through proper guidance.





Yellow bamboo restaurant offers specialties of the famous Kupang and interested visitors, both local and foreign tourists. Se’i pig meat is the typical food that consists of thinly sliced pork, prepared in the traditional way and spices so the flavor is very distinctive and delicious when enjoyed. Visitors can reach the yellow bamboo restaurant with your proper and enjoy a delicious typical food Kupang and enticing flavors.

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