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Konark Dance Festival
Konark Dance Festival

Konark Dance Festival

Famed Festival of Orissa, Konark Dance Festival

A much-famed festival of Orisa is known by the name of festival of the Orissa and the Konark Dance Festival. Which is celebrated yearly in February month? This festival Konark Dance Festival is the world famous heritage festival, which celebrated in the Sun Temple. The Konark Dance Festival is embraced every year celebrated in the Konark Sun Temple. The Konark Dance Festival constructs the popular tourist focus in Orissa that the Konark smooth more good-looking in the eyes of the tourists. Konark Dance Festival is quite impressive to all visitors comes around the world. Indian very proud to feel about the Konark Dance Festival ever.

The Konark  Sun Temple an impressive structure sketched as the chariot of the Sun God, it sketched by seven perfectly carved by horses is the place of the yearly festival of the classical dances as well as music also, in the Konark Dance Festival. The Festival of Orissa festival is caught  in the month of February in the field at Konark with the popular Sun Temple.

There are celebrations of the Konark Dance Festival famed concurrent art is also participating in this dance. Konark Dance Festival is representing the incredible India and it’s a really amazing dance festival where to represent the local famed dance and the time duration of the Konark Dance Festival is 19th February to 23 February 2016. There the famous thing is exquisite Chandrabhaga beach also which is the peace of attraction and visitor always wants to go on this side. In the Konark Dance Festival, they represent the local folk dance of Orissa and its really the iconic dancing style.

Visitor always enjoys this Konark Dance Festival and wonder to see the dancing steps which is shown as the real art of the human, It’s not the quite simple. Konark Dance Festival is the top most Indian festival of the world and this is having a lot of fame in the world. People may come from anywhere and put the steps here to see the amazing culture of Orissa through the Konark Dance Festival. During the Konark Dance Festival has to fill the enjoyment with different dance styles like Bharatnatyam dance, Kathak dance, Manipuri dance and Chau dance, and those all dance has the great identity of India and everyone need to learn the step of that dance. That is the much respective stage of the world where everyone wants to perform and because it is the huge stage so perfection is also required here.

Apart from the dance and music, Konark Dance Festival is kind of the Mela and there are some other different events is also organized which is for the visitor attraction. So everyone can enjoy here. Konark Dance Festival is for the whole of the country so everyone from other countries can come to visit this festival and enjoy the Indian culture, music, dance and everything else. Hence, that is the amazing part which represents the India in International level.

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