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Kiana Tom
Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom

Ultimate Hot Actress and Host Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom of 50, who is an American television host along with being a Fitness Expert, Author, and an attracting actress was born on March 14, 1965, in the city of Maui, Hawaii in the USA. She, Kiana Tom is not only the actress but also a Businesswoman. This multi-talented hot personality is also well known as the Creator of Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN.

Kiana Tom, a great American host, and actress are professionally occupied as a Personal trainer, Group fitness instructor and Entrepreneur. Tom was selected as a cast member of a syndicated program Bodyshaping. A fitness, lifestyle based program on ESPN Kiana’s Flex Appeal was created, co-produced and hosted by herself Kiana. Her this program on initial stage was highly appreciated with numerous ratings so, she was selected as host by ESPN. Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit, Summer Sizzle with Kiana and Hot summer Nights with Kiana are some of the programs hosted by Kiana on ESPN. Programmes of ABC Superbowl Nightlife are also been hosted by Kiana Tom.

Universal soldier: the Return is the first movie in which Kiana co-starred with Jean- Claude Van Damme. It is observed or concluded from the obtained reviews of the movie that the Physicality of the film is compounded ultimate which is only due to the presence of Fitness expert Kiana Tom.

Tom is said to be the author of Kiana’s Body Sculpting and winner of United States Sports Academy Award. In the interest of Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Tom was interviewed. For the Oakland Raiders, she was selected as a Cheerleader.

The nude pose by Kiana Tom was taken in May 2002 for an edition  of  Playboy magazine. As per the report obtained from her one of the interview that for being a perfectionist she waited until she felt that her body figure has gone best.

Kiana Tom got married in March 2002 with such a personality named Dennis Breshears who is the captain of Fire Department. Tom became the mother of two daughters.  Father Of Tom, Layne Tom Jr. is well known as a famous Actor by whom various children have been played including Charlie Chan Jr. in a movie of Charlie Chan. In the movie named Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, her father was the Asian Boy Ranger. Partially she is Hawaiian, Chinese and Irish. Her name depicts the sense of Calm Water in Hawaiian and goddess of the moon too.

Kiana’s sexiest look is the main center of attraction and her well-maintained body and slippy figure resulted in making her world famous. Her star sign is Pisces and her nickname is ESPN’s  Fitness Queen. The power of attraction whether through acting, whether by hosting is birth gifted in Kiana Tom.

Tennis playing of Kiana was improved by the means of lifting. Good body figure, stronger legs, highly muscular arms, more quickness on a court and well-figured breasts were developed by her. She had been playing Tennis since childhood. The most funniest of the point about her which was told by Tom in an interview is that she dances nudely in her house singing if she was on stage.

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