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Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker is No More

The Character ‪R2-D2‬ Kenny Baker in ‪Star Wars‬‬ Died

Well everyone is well known the movie Star war and that’s famous Character R2-D2, his full name is Kenny Baker and who sadly died on 13 August 2016. Kenny Baker was an English actor and a famous musician and a very famous character of Star Wars but unfortunately we will never see him in the nest series of movie Star Wars. Kenny Baker was born on 24 August 1934 in the United Kingdom and he is very short height like 1.12 m and fit in the character R2-D2 and world always miss him a long of a life.

The film star Kenny Baker has died at the age of 83 after the longtime illness and he are short in height and that’s because he shot and got the fame from 1977 when he was firstly playing the character of Robot. That role was awesome and smartly played by Kenny Baker. Kenny Baker had a part of lots of movies like The Elephant Man, Flash Gordon and Time Bandits that is in the 1980s. He was very jolly nature of people and he had lots of fans in the world who loved him much. That news is shocking because he is not now between all of us but he will be there in our mind and our soul. Kenny Baker and his wife Eileen had met in the appearance on the Michael Parkinson TV chat show and that was an amazing moment for her and his life. Now we have the point which is why Kenny Baker died so according to the fact Kenny Baker had the problem in lungs and that’s because he was in the wheelchair. He was asked also about to go out for the new Star Wars premiere but that time he was very ill and not able to travel.

He was ill in a couple of years and his nephew had cared him and everyone is cry when they got the news he is no more. But death is not in the hand of a human and when we are coming in this world surely we want to leave this world in a one day. Well, he got lots of love and had enjoyed his life well and still he is famous and will famous after the dead because he did great roles in various movies. His best role is always we can see in the Star wars as R2-D2.

Kenny Baker has liked the boiled egg and he always said about it and in many interviews he always talking about his Robot played. Always in the news media member excited to know more and more about his role in Star Wars and want to share the experience in that movie. Well, he did many movies but he got the famed through the most popular role R2-D2 from the movie Star Wars. From the, all side’s the one message arrived that is all will miss you and your movies.

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