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Irish Myths and Legends

Top 10 Irish Myths and Legends in the world

In the world’s longest history Ireland having various Irish Myths and Legends which get hold the different position in the world. There had found the riddled the with ancient mythology and folklore and Ireland society is world famous in case of the legends. They were and are doing to approach for better modern world and society and in the below section few of the famous myths and Irish name we are discussing. There are many stories about the warriors and which have the knowledge of the world and playing fairies pranks.

If we talk about the myths so this will create an imaginary world to the other and people always attract in that side and behind the many mysterious application of Ireland. It’s very required sometimes to show the value of society in the world. In the world, many wonderful myths and legends are present who have shown the different society in front of the world and amazing part of the world so kind of this in the below section we follow the myths and its legends also.

Follow the top 10 Irish Myths and Legends in the world:

  1. The Banshee

This is very famed and powerful part of the Irish Myths and Legends and this is like old women who dressed in rags. Ans in a few times you saw she is looks as younger and like a beautiful girl and few times she looks as the wash woman and ringing out in the bloody clothing. Myths are whenever she saw and cry like the horrible cry and legend so she shows the brought od death in any family.

  1. Pookas

Pookas is the kind of fairy and it’s a one bend of creating havoc in the mortal world. A Pookas has been appeared in the  regular Ireland and its a very famous Irish Myths and Legends in the world. Pookas was the destruction on a firm and tearing down the fences and it’s a very famed name as legends around the world of Ireland. The Pookas has also loved the mess with the ships which have pulled away from the Ireland.

  1. Changelings

Changelings are the female fairies and its also situated inside the top Irish Myths and Legends and this is living behind the challenges. Here the challenging like the human and like the human baby and nor carried the same emotional characteristics ever. Here challenging like the only happy, and grief happened in the houses in this is lasted for the centuries and its very famous part of Irish as well as Ireland.

  1. Dagda’s Harp

Its depend on the Irish mythology and Dagda was the famous as the high priest and famous in the list of top most Irish Myths and Legends. This had the large and beautiful harp and during the war and there has the rival tribes and its also called the harp. And the harp ha been struck the castle. This is very famous Irish Myths and Legends and famous in the world and everyone in the castle began to cry.

  1. The Children of Lir

The story of the Children of Lir and its a part of the Irish Myths and Legends and it’s come from the Irish Mythological Cycle. Well according to the Myths is was the famous lord of sea and he also had the wife and four children. According to the story, Lir’s wife died and he was married after that incident with his wife’s sister Aoife. Its very great and interesting part of the Irish Myths. When they while summing Aoife perform the spell on them and they have turned into swans.

  1. St. Patrick

St. Patrick has the man who has brought a day which is good times as well as the green bear to pubs. sIts very famous Irish Myths and Legends and the whole world are well known with this myths. Well, Patrick was not the saint and that thing people knew after the death of Patrick. He was born in Britain in a wealthy family in his childhood he was kidnapped  in fact he was sold into slavery in Ireland.

  1. The Shamrock

This is a very famous green leaf and this is famous as the Irish Myths and Legends because this is unofficial symbol of Ireland and also a famous marshmallows in Lucky Charms. This leaf is represented the Ireland’s historic culture. The Shamrock has sacred plant and could ward off evil. This is a heart shaped leaf and this is very famous and beautiful leaf which represent the Irish culture and also the myths.

  1. Finn MacCool

Finn MacCool is very famed and a mythological warrior and also Irish Myths and Legends in the world. According to the various stories salmon that knew all the world’s knowledge and had decided the eat of the Salmon which has been gaining the knowledge. And a famous thing is he was cooked the fish and juice squirted out and also burned Finn’s thumb. This is very interesting myths and amazing part of the world and especially in Irish.

  1. Faeries

Faeries are the existing kind of myths of the world and Faeries is famous in the list of Irish Myths and Legends. Faeries have some of the famous mythology and this is very important to hold by the Irish. In the Ireland, the fairy society has very much alive and that’s very far from the Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell. They always said to be beautiful and also hard to resist.

  1. Leprechauns

Leprechauns is a very vital part of the Irish Myths and Legends and famous in the world and most widely known with the name type of fairy living in Ireland. This has existence in Irish legend since and also a medieval times. If we go in the traditional value of this so this is tall fairies and often appear to humans like the old man which looks so sweet above the whole legends.

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