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International Flower Festival
International Flower Festival

International Flower Festival

Fell from the Front an International Flower Festival Sikkim

Sikkim which is a beautiful state celebrates the festival based on the theme of blossoms named International Flower Festival. This exceptional festival of flowers is celebrated in summers, in the month of April, May when the flowers grow in excessive quantity. The seasons of April and May are the peak seasons when the flowers are grown in an abundant amount. The Flora of Sikkim are world famous and the idea of the celebration of this festival proves its enrichment of flowers.


Flower Festival
Flower Festival

Many of the masters and experts of botany join the celebrations of this festival and deliver the speeches on these colorful blossoming stars. The festival is followed by the grand entertainment and food party. This festival of such different kinds of blossoming stars is not only the festival of State level but also included in the list of festivals of National Level. Sikkim, the state enriched with the flora proves the theme of this festival by the presentation of around 600 varieties of orchids, 240 species of trees and ferns, and almost 150 varieties of gladioli. Along with others, 46 types of Rhododendrons, and different kinds of magnolias and foliage  plants also remain as the integrals of this festival celebration.

The activities of River Rafting and Yak Safaris remain as the main attractions of this International Flower Festival. The number of different colors of flowers makes this festival a charming and colorful which results in the attraction of a number of people.

White hall is the venue of this charming festival, which is close to Gangtok which is the capital of Sikkim. Going to the list of  the main integrals or participators the category of alpine plants, creepers, climbers, herbs, ferns, roses and cactus plants are also seen.

Seminars by many intellectuals and experts of botany are also conducted which results in the increment in the knowledge of one –another by their lectures.

For every alternate year, International Flower Show cum exhibition  is organized in which the participation of the Sikkim government is praiseful. Last year this festival of the flora category was conducted at the Saramsa Garden and of this year in spring is the turn of the celebration of this exceptional festival on an international level. The International Flower Festival is expected that participants join this festival celebration from more than 12 countries will arrive  and also join  the other related programs and seek to praise the natural wealth of horticultural products.

Buyers and sellers meet will be the part of an International Flower Festival which will include various discussions on several considerable topics related to horticulture and floral species. A national level horticulture exhibition cum sale will also be the part of festival alongside the flower show.

Union Ministry

Union Ministry Of Horticulture has been praised and its works have been appreciated by a state government. A special support for this work is granted for the union to work and to complete the aims or plans decided by them.

In the year 2013, a memorandum was signed by the government of Sikkim with the countries of Netherlands and Thailand with the order to develop floriculture and bring it to the international market.

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