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The two most famous method of tying a tie

Every man, who use tie in his clothing, looks handsome, attractive and fit. This is in trend in clothing of each country. Maximum people use tie with coat because it adds an appealing impression with a coat. The man looks gentle and attractive, if he has worn a tie on his shirt. By the way people also wear tie without coat. For example, you can consider students. In maximum school’s uniform tie is important to wear and it adds a different look in personality of students. Almost companies of private sector want their employees in a formal dress with tie. So all in all tie is an important part of man’s wearing, so everyone should know that how to tie a tie? Bellow we have mentioned some easy methods of tying a tie:-

  • The Windsor knot

This method was named in reference of the Duke of Windsor. Though this method is quite complicated, but it provides you a very appealing look. To tie the tie according to this method, take the wide side of the tie on your right hand. Your right hand should must set aside minimum 35 centimeters longer in comparison to thinner side. In further action you have to pass the wider side on the narrow one and after that bring it out of the circle of your shirt’s collar. Now the larger side is to bring forward in right direction and after that once more carry it out of the circle. As you tie is tied, you can adjust the tie with the help of thinner side. So this detail will help you in experimenting how to tie a tie by the Windsor knot method.

  • Four in Hand knot

This method is quite simple and easier than the Windsor knot method. For this you can keep the wide side of tie in your right hand, and it must be 0.25 m longer than the thinner side. Bring the wider side two times passing from the thinner side and after that take the larger end around your neck. Now set the tie according to your look and must put the impressive touch on the knot of your tie. Almost employees and students know how to tie a tie with four in Hand knot method.

Almost people in the world prefer Four in Hand Knot because it is quite simple to process. Now you know how to tie a tie, so you can quickly tie your tie and go out for your work.

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