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Some easiest steps of taking a screenshot on a Macintosh system

Would you like to capture a picture to set it as the background image of your desktop or to email it with necessary documents? Apple’s “mac” makes this task quite easy for us. The only thing you should know is how to take a screenshot on a mac? Perchance you know that mac (Macintosh) is a very accessible system, developed by Apple Company. It keeps all desired functions you want in your dream PC. By the way there are some features, which you can have in other systems, are not available in Macintosh, but still it is the first choice of utmost individuals in the world. Let’s explore details on how take a screenshot on a mac:-

  • First know the “key-combination” of taking a screenshot on mac.

For each and every individual function Macintosh provides certain key-combination. To take screenshot, first you should decide that what you want to capture in this system. To take screenshot of whole desktop you can use command “Shift-3”. This command will also work to capture images of dock, taskbar and other functions too. The screenshot you have taken with this command will be stored in your computer. If you want to see it, then you just need to pres space-bar. This was the simplest process concerning how to take a screenshot on a mac.

  • Screenshot with editing software.

It is little complex if you are linking the editing software. You can process further by applying command “Control-Shift-3”. This command will provide you a picture of whole desktop in the clipboard of your Macintosh system. While you need to utilize the captured image of desktop, you can paste it desired program. This software offers you service of cropping the image of desktop in desired shape. For sure this information will lead you to know that how to take a screenshot on a mac of whole desktop in editing software.

  • The way of taking screenshot of desired window on Macintosh system

Suppose you have opened some applications in your mac system and you want to capture the image of desired one, then? You can use command “Shift-4” and after that use space. Your system’s cursor will transform into the icon of camera. It will emphasize whole opened applications of your desktop. You can swap them by scrolling and when you will get desired window, you can click on it. It will be stored in your system in form of image and you can use it.

Probably above mentioned information will help you in knowing how to take a screenshot on a mac and you will take lots of pictures of your desktop and applications.

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