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How to make friends on whats app and what facilities are offered by whattsapp application

If you have a smart phone, then you will probably look for have some useful apps in it. You will try to have apps that can provide you games, entertainment and many other things. If you love to do social networking and want to be connected with your friends, so whatsapp can be a great social networking application for you. Whatsapp was launched recently, but it has collected huge number of users from all over the world. Hence it offers facility to get connected with your friends of your contact list, so you can enjoy the social networking with this social networking app, if you know that how to make friends on Whatsapp. We are giving you an easiest procedure of making friends on whatsapp social networking app.

Register the contact number of your friend in your smart phone’s contact list

The very initial thing you have to do for making friends on whatsapp is to create the contact with your friend’s number. Thus your friend will be available in your cell phone. If he has the smart phone activated with Whatsapp, then you can ask him to join you on whatsapp. As you both have whatsapp installed smart phones, so you can search your friend with his name or with the help of his number and send the friend request.

Easy sharing of stuff and making to new friends

Now you know how to make friends on Whatsapp and now the time is to explore some astonishing features of using whatsapp social networking application. If you have the whatsapp account, then you can easily share your pictures with your friends. It will not be exposed to all your friends. You can send it to any desired person in message. Instead of picture, if you want to upload any video or you want to send it to your friend, so you can easily upload it in your message and send it to your friend.

Whatsapp is considered as a great platform to make friends, do social networking and also for sharing stuff. Today millions of whatsapp users are making money with this social networking application and getting whole updates of their friends. As you also know now that how to make friends on whatsapp, so you can go for it and have fun with your friends.

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