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How to make friends on facebook if you are a new Facebook user?

Today there is no one, who doesn’t know about Facebook and its usage. It is the most running social networking site in the world. Facebook has recently registered number of billion users in its database. People, who have created their facebook Id recently, don’t know that how to make friends on facebook? By the way it is not so tough task to do, but social networking is quite new thing for many individuals in the world. For such people we have provided a brief description on how to make friends on facebook?

First login and search for your friends

The very initial thing you have to for making friends on facebook is to do login to your facebook account. As you will do login, you will be directed to the home page of facebook. Here you will see many options like, home, notifications, message, and your own facebook page. You have to click is “search box” of the facebook. Now the time is to type the name of your friend in that search box. As you will type the name you will get many suggested user ids of facebook. You can pick id of your friend and open is facebook page.

Check friend’s name and send friend request

Now the time is to sending the friend request to your friend. You can easily check the “Send friend request” button in your friend’s id. You have to click on this button and then your friend request will be sent to his or her id. As the person will be online, he will check your friend request and then he will approve you as his friend. Thus you will make a new friend on facebook. It is the simplest way of making friends on facebook and probably you have got that how to make friends on facebook.

Some complexities in making friends

Some complexities may occur if a person has made his facebook id highly secured. It means you have first get his friend and then you can send him the friend request. Sometimes people can block you that are why you can’t find them on this social networking site and you can’t send them friend request. So it was all about how to make friends on facebook. I hope now you know the perfect way of making friends, so go online on facebook and make lots of friends here.

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