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How to make chicken soup at home and how to make it tasty?

When it comes to choose a tasty soup, many people select the chicken soup because it is healthy and testy too. While you want to have a food, which can offer you the best taste with strong power, you can choose the chicken soup. It is the best way of improving inner power and gaining better energy. The chicken soup is famous in all over the world. In different areas of the world, it is made in different way. Even you can prepare it at your home. We are giving you an easy to implement recipe through which you can easily make the chicken soup at your home. Let’s explore how to make chicken soup at home:

Ingredient needed to prepare the chicken soup at home are:

  • Half cup butter.
  • Two onions, chopped in slices.
  • Two sticks celery in chopped form.
  • Two carrots, in peeled form.
  • One tbsp flour.
  • Chicken stocks in amount of one liter.
  • Half kg cooked chicken.
  • One tablespoon freshly pieced parsley.
  • Salt according to your taste.

Arrange these all ingredients. Well I think you may have all these items in your home. If something is missing, purchase it from the local market.

Process of making chicken soup:

  • Take a pane over gas stove and heat it.
  • Now insert the butter into the pan and melt it.
  • Now insert the onion slices into the melt butter and fry it.
  • Now after two minutes insert the celery and carrots and fry them awaiting they get soften.
  • Now insert the flour in this solution and stair it to mix it well and cook for five minutes.
  • Now insert the chicken stock and boil the whole mixture with stirring it.
  • Now add salt in it according to your taste and then simply heat it for 10 minutes.
  • Now insert the cooked chicken in it and again heat the whole solution for 10 minutes.
  • Now take the whole heated solution out in a new pan.
  • Cut some coriander leaves and spread it over the soup.
  • Serve the soup in hot form, it will taste delicious, it is our guarantee and you will enjoy it.

So, this was the whole recipe of making chicken soup and thus you can easily prepare it at home. Try it now!!

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