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How to make blog roll on

Blogger is known as the best blogging platform at which you can create new websites, blogs and much other social stuff. This is a great platform to have one way communication with your friends and fans. Blogger offers you a great facility to create the blog rolls. Now you are thinking that what are the blog rolls? You should know that blog rolls are simply a web page that lets you know that how many people you have followed on the blogger. Through this page you can easily recognize the names of people you are following. If you also want to know how to make blog roll on blogger, then follow given suggestions.

Go at your blogger account and select layout option:

This is the first step in which you have to login to your blogger account. As you are in your blogger account, then you have to go on dashboard for further changes. The dashboard contains all necessary changes you want to do in your blogger account. Now you can easily see the layout option at the dashboard of your blogger account. Click at layout option and go for the further action.

Select add gadgets option and choose your gadget:

As you will enter in layout option, you will find many options like, add gadget, subscribe to and blog achieves, so you have to click at add gadget option. This option will bring you much closer to your destination

As you will click at add gadget option, you will be directed to the next window. Here you will find a list of gadgets in which you have to select the blog list option. This is the way through which we can easily create the blog roll. You have to click at this option to perform the next operation.

Create the blog roll

As you will enter in blog list option, you will get a chance to edit basic settings of your blog list. Here you can describe a new title and sort. You should not go with the default title of blogger, you should create any new list with your desired group name. Click at the title and change it.

Select blogs from the list you want to follow and have your blog roll on blogger. This is an ultimate way of checking updates of the desired blogs. Thus you can easily create the blog roll and get every update on your favorite blogs.

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