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Let’s get a brief description on how to forward the mail

Today we have thousands of different apps, many social networking sites and many other things to send documents to each other, but it was not available in starting age of the internet. at that time email was the only way to do communication via the internet. It was considered as the safest way of sharing documents, pictures, and short videos. By the way email is still the safest way of sharing all these things, but now it is available in much improved way. Nowadays we have plenty of email services, which offer email facilities in different forms. For example you can consider Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and many others. Hence maximum people, who use the internet, know how to forward mail, but still some people and youngsters are oblivious of this service. If you want to forward any important mail to some other guy, then follow given procedure:-

  • Open your email account

If you want to forward any mail related to your study, job or personal details, so first thing you have to do is to open your email account. Enter the name of your email service in address bar of your internet browser. Go on login page of email service and do login.

  • Open the mail you want to do forward

Probably you are searching “how to forward mail” for forwarding any specific email or some particular emails to other people. Now go in inbox option, where you will find plenty of emails. Select the desired emails you want to forward on other person’s email account. As you will get the email, click on the “forward” option. You will find this option downside of the entire mail. Now click on it and then you will get in compose-mail box.

  • Enter the email address of person to whom you want to forward the mail

Now you can enter the name of next person, to whom you want to forward email. As the email will be forwarded you get a notification on top of email window. It is quite simple and useful method to know how to forward mail.

By the way it is very common thing in today’s time. Every person in this world is aware of using email services and everyone knows how to forward mail.


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