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Follow this process to forward calls on another number

Call forwarding can be a very useful method for someone, who wants to receive whole calls of his home, on his own mobile phone number. This can simply enhance the accessibility of the person. As now every network and every phone service is offering facility of call forwarding, so if you want to have it so you must know that how to forward calls? People, who have listened about it, they can do it easily. But still there are some individuals, who don’t know how to forward the call. So we will help you in discovering the easiest ways of call forwarding.

  • Active on the phone number you want to forward on another number

First you need to active those numbers to which you want to forward on your own number. You can check the existing details related to your that number. Don’t be worry about the network provider because you can forward call on any network. Every telephone service provider company is now offering call forward facility. If you are unaware of it then you can ask how to forward calls on another number?

  • Take help of service network provider

Now it is the time to check method of for how to forward calls. In every mobile network the call forwarding procedure is different. You should call on customer care to know the way of forwarding call. The customer care executive will offer you some suggestions, so write down them on a paper to apply later.

  • Process according to suggested instructions of executive

Now you have to operate functions according to suggested instructions of customer care executive. If your call forward service gets activated, then you will get a message from your network company. If it doesn’t get activated, then you can contact to customer care once again for proper solution.

So now you know how to forward calls on another number. Still there is a question related to this process is network company charges for call forwarding? If you are also thinking about the same question, then you should know that company never charges to the number which is forwarded on another number. But whenever you will receive call on your number, you will need to pay some amount for it. By the way call forwarding is an effective way to be in touch with your friends all time. It makes you available always, so now you know how to forward calls, then you can apply this technique for your other numbers.

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