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How to flirt with a girl, explore some safe ways of flirting

Boys are often said to be catamite and flirtatious. Their favorite time pass is to do flirting with girls and joking with them. Sometimes this flirting becomes quite serious and boys face injuries because of it, but they gets ready for the next girl. By the way it is not necessary that all boys are same. Some boys are quite shy and sheepish, who never do daring to flirt with a girl. If you are also a shy guy and want to become the king of flirting, so we will give you some easy and effective tricks through which you can know that how to flirt with a girl.

Follow the girls  

If you want to do start flirting, you need to follow girls first. You have to target a particular girl of your college or of your areas to do flirt with her. Whenever she will go in front of you, you can hit comment on her cloths and look. The comment must be in a way that you are interested in her and want to be committed with her. For example you can say that “may I drop you to your destination miss?” girls often like such kind of comments and simply smiles and walk away. Many boys flirt with girls, while they are going to their institutions. At this time you can feel free of being accused.

Do flirting with your group

If you don’t want to be accused for flirting with a girl, you should flirt with your friends group. You can join all your friends on the main corridor of your school or college and then you can start flirting with girls. If someone will get angry of your flirting comments, so chances of accusing you are quite less. You can easily sweep the charge of flirting on any other boy and become innocent in her eyes.

Above mentioned techniques are some easy and very common flirting techniques. Many boys apply such flirting methods in their college and schools. Sometimes girls get impressed and sometime they get irritated from your flirting comments. You have to be careful, while you are flirting because other people can be angry on you. Now you have whole knowledge on how to do flirting with a girl, so you can apply above mentioned ways to flirt and impress a girl.

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