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How to Fix Car Rust? Explain the whole procedure

Rust is a very big problem in front of car owners. It is because of humid atmosphere and other chemical reactions. The car looks quite unattractive, if it has rust on its body. If you want to know how to fix car rust, then you can get complete knowledge on it. Car rust is truly a very stubborn element on car’s surface. It cannot be removed through simple cleaning and if you try some hard methods, then your car’s color can be out. Without perfect guidance no one can know how to fix car rust. That’s why today we are offering you a complete guidance to remove car rust. Follow given process:

  • First cover your mouth with protection mask because in this process you may get sick because of dust and other chemicals.
  • Now excepting the rusted surface of your car, cover whole body with the help of car cover or paper.
  • Now point the rusted surface with the help of masking tape. It will help you in recognizing the repairing part of your car.
  • Now take a sand paper.
  • Rub the rusted surface carefully with the sand paper and do it carefully so that fine part of car will not come in contact with the sand paper.
  • Now take a clean cloth to clean rubbed surface of car and wash it with water.
  • Now wait for drying out the washed area.
  • As the area is dry, now take a primer and spread it over the rusted surface of car.
  • Wait for drying the primer.
  • As the primer is dry, take a metal color matching to your car.
  • Spread the whole color over the rubbed surface of your car.
  • Now wait for its drying out.
  • Remove the whole covered area of your car.
  • Now ask other person to find out the rusted area, probably they will say there is no rust over your car.

This is the best method of removing rust from car’s surface and keeps the car always like a new car. You can apply this method over your car if there is any kind of rust over its surface. Follow the whole process carefully as we have shown above and then get the rust off from your car. SO now you know how to fix car rust, teach this method to others and help them in keeping their car rust free.

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