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How to disable JavaScript in IE

JavaScript is called a useful programming language, which is an essential part of today’s programming. It is because this language helps website in operating properly. Today JavaScript has become the backbone of many website applications. This language offers WebPages to dynamically load and show the content they have. Suppose if you are searching for pictures in Google images. You have experienced that images come regularly as you scroll down the page. It happens only because of JavaScript otherwise you would be clicking at the next page option of Google images to search more images. By the way if you want to experience that in the Internet Explorer browser of your computer, then you should explore that how to disable JavaScript in IE. You should follow some easy steps to disable JavaScript in IE, which are:

  • Open the Internet explorer browser to perform further action.
  • Now you have to click at the gear button of the Internet Explorer. In IE9 this button is situated at right top side of the browser.
  • Here you will get many options like print, file, zoom, safely and “Internet option”, you have to click at “Internet option”
  • As you will click on “Internet option”, it will offer you a new dialogue box in which you will get many options like general, security, privacy, content, connections, etc. you have to click at the “Security” option for further process.
  • Security will generate new dialogue box in which you have to click at “custom level”.
  • As you will click at this option you will be directed to the Internet zone, where you have to scroll down to find Scripting Selection option.
  • In scripting option you will get many options in which you have to select “disable” and JavaScript will be disabled.

This is the whole process of disabling the JavaScript from Internet Explorer.

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