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How to check my sprint mobile hotspot usage

How to check my sprint mobile hotspot usage

The hotspot usage is now very necessary to check if you daily use the internet on your cell phone. Much time it happens that we believe our net plan is in working state, but it gets collapsed because of extra usage. Thus we face some extra expanse in terms of mobile balance and it becomes really very complicated to handle such conditions. Nowadays mobile companies are offering to data usage mentoring facility by which you can easily check how much you have used and how much data is remaining in your account. If you have sprint mobile and want to know how to check my sprint mobile hotspot usage, then follow given instructions.

  • Download a hotspot data managing application in your sprint mobile.
  • Install the app and do it on so that it can capture whole details of your sprint mobile.
  • Now go at your application’s home page and switch on the app.
  • Register you account on the application you have downloaded and then log in to the application.
  • As you will do log in, you will see the menu of data counter in it.
  • Click at data counter and you will get a new window for performing further operation.
  • You can easily check the whole month’s data usage details in the newly arrived window.
  • As you will click on any day and click at reset, the application will show you data usage details.
  • After that you just need to select your connection, whether it is 3G or 4G.
  • Now go for the next date at which you want to check your hotspot usage.
  • With a click you can reset the counter for zero and once you have clicked at “save” option, the application will provide you details about how much data is still in your account.

With the help of application you can easily complete the hotspot usage check task for sure.

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