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Holi Festival
Holi Festival

Holi Festival

Festival of Colors Holi Festival

Holi Festival, A festival of joy and spring of colors! Hence enjoying by all, Holi Festival is a great and amazing festival of colors but the histories thing is different. Its purpose to the celebration is different and Holi Festival is the one of the prime Hindu celebration in India. Holi Festival is celebrating after winter and-and season of joy and happiest vibrant for all. Holi Festival has the various mythology like the foremost legend to celebrating the Holi Festival is of Prahlad and Hiranyakshyap. Hiranyakshyap though himself like the god and he always wants to people has counted her in the God. And his defeat is celebrating like the Holi festival. Also celebrates is the legend of Radha and Krishna and its really a the very amazing cause to celebrating this colorful festival Holi.

In different states having the different feel of celebration and which is diverse the thing of enjoyment and fun. Holi Festival is also known by the name of Holika Dhan and that has also the amazing history. Holi Festival has reassured the power of the truth in the human and its very aiming part of the festival. The Holi Festival is the very pre-festival and this festival comes in the March month but sometimes its change by the month and date is varied every year. The Holi Festival has some social and biological significant like culture significant etc. Each is behind some solid code!

If we go the social significant of the Holi Festival so by this festival one kind of the social gathering will put and people has enjoyed the Holi Festival festival together. Actually, this kind of the social communication is needed in human’s life. In Holi Festival, people made much sweet in a home and in the evening of this day friend, relatives will come to meet and you may also go anywhere. Its full of joy function in India and whole India and south Asia also celebrating with the sparks. The Holi Festival is also good for the body because this festival gives the joy and fun which is good for the human mind and for the body.

When Holi Festival is coming all think to time for celebration and many people has to organize the party in the home and celebrating this festival grandly. In the Holi Festival many colors are included in the celebration and through those various colors, people have to spring the joy and fun and share the moments with others. But sometimes people has not uncomfortable with the color so everyone need to think to use the color which is not harmful to the body. Here everyone needs to prevent body and eye by the chemical exposure. In many areas, people have to use the mask and sun glasses on that day for preventing the body and eye.

Holi Festival show the great culture of India and make India in the list of joyful country of the world and this festival brings the happiness and fun!

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