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HDR Photography
HDR Photography

HDR Photography

If you have no idea about the HDR photography, then let me tell you HDR means high dynamic range. It is the best type of photography because it offers you the best picture through your camera. Professionals, who capture HDR photographs, they know how to bring different exposures in their photographs. In HDR photography you are have maintained the accurate amount of color, light, which you can see in the photograph or your laptop. When you enter HDR word in Google images, you will get very unusual pictures in your search. At first you will think “is it real or not” and then you will appreciate the work of photographer, who have captured those shots.

How to start?

For HDR photography you must have a good camera, which can offer you different level’s exposures so that you can take breathtaking images. As you have got it, simply start by taking three pictures in a different light. It will help you in choosing the best image for your HDR photograph. Do not forget to capture the first photo in the dark. It will express you the best color for your photograph. After that, you should take a second shot in the perfect amount of color. When it comes to clicking the third photo, reduce the amount of light and take a light picture. Thus you will have three different images to make them perfect.

Save photos and then process them:

To bring perfect HDR look in your pictures, you should take comfort of your laptop. First store your pictures and then process them. For It you can take help of photograph customizing tools. You can easily maintain the light, color and shades of your photographs. When you are doing it, simply take a view of expert HDR photographer’s pictures. It will help you in making your pictures right according to your needs.

Color control:

Sometimes you will some images in which you will see that pictures are looking like mapped photographs. It happens because of using unnecessary amount of colors. Well, this is true that a well colored photograph brings much better and appealing look into the photographs. You can see the saturation sidebar in your camera, which present at 45 for HDR images. Do not preset with the help of the camera. Just saturate your images at 35. Thus, you will get the best pictures to capture in HDR form. It is an incredible type of photography in which you can capture the best images for your use. You can set them in your blogs and explain people about your experience.

Use shadows and highlight them:

HDR is an improved form of digital photography. It can present the views in much better way. When you look to bring the pure touch of nature in your photographs, don’t forget to highlight shades in them. It will make them much pretty and breathe taking for viewers. Digital photography is an art, and HDR is the best type of photography according to me. When you become an expert of it, you will get the best images for your collection.

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