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Greatest Military Blunders of World War II

Top 10 Greatest Military Blunders of World War II

Happening of Second World Waris took place due to Axis aggression, a regional war because of which a lot of life damage so many civilians as well as military people killed across the globe. There are some of the Greatest Military Blunders of World War II Which created a great damage to the world which result in losing lots of man power and be one of the greatest fights which are remembered  in history.

The fight started from 1 September 1939 to 2 September 1945 resulting loosing 12,000,000 people all over the world it was one of the global war in which conflicts spreader in the entire world. The vast majority of countries fight together which was across 100 million, involving the entire economic with industrial and scientific resources. There are so many factors included in World War 2 which plays a virtual role in considering the greatest military blunders of World War 2 describing the history again with the factors we believe responsible for so many deaths.

Find the few Greatest Military Blunders of World War II:

  1. Stalingrad, (1942)

This war is taken place in summer by the Soviet Union in 1942, letting a lot of brutal deaths on both sides of soldiers.These wars are fought between Nazi Germany with the Soviet Union for controlling the southwest part of the Stalingrad city. It is one of the bloodiest battles fought in the history taken lots of lives; it was Hitler’s plan to get the oil region of the Soviet Unions. The fight had continued to months for years when the military forced surrendered when Germany probably beats.

  1. Dunkirk, (1940)

This battle of Dunkirk was one of the Greatest Military Blunders of World War II, fought between Allies and Germany in 1940. The Dunkirk evaluation also is known as the miracle of Dunkirk in which the soldiers fight on beaches against the German army. It was one of the prominent memories which been remembered for lives were allots of soldiers fight on boats, ships for their country and created a historic memory in UK people’s life and across the world.

  1. Pearl Harbor, (1941)

The battle of Pearl Harbor a known Greatest Military Blunders of World War II took place in pacific and Asian parts. One of the surprise operations of Japanese invited the USA to enter into Second World War by attacking to its United Naval base at Pearl Harbor. Lots of scientific instruments were used in this fights like fighter planes, bombers, torpedo planes were continuously attacking US base as Japanese damaged across 188 U.S American aircraft.

  1. Invasion of the Soviet Union, (1941-1945)

Greatest Military blunder of World War 2 Operation Barbarossa an invasion of the Soviet Union began at 1941, June 22. The foundation of Soviet Union outlined operation was Hitler’s idea took place at eastern territory letting a lot of life damage.Hitler made so many strategies to defeat the countries with a planned process of Axis power. German won with their starting plan but fall as they moved to the eastern region.

  1. The London Blitz, (1940)

The German attack on London a Greatest Military Blunders of World War II,  the afternoon of 7 September 1940 was unforgettable the skies are full of the bomb attack. Hitler’s plan to diminish London was at a peeks they destroying every part of London region with latest fighting weapons. The day and night bomb blasting all area will be diminished killed lots of people of London. A dark night for London people praying for their life in dying situations begging for their life’s the worst time they even not want to remind.

  1. Philippines Defense, (1942)

Fall of Philippines one of the Greatest Military Blunders of World War II victory of Japanese over the Philippines on December 8, 1941. Japan ruled over the Philippines for 3 years in which they occupied over sixty percent island of the Philippines. Japan attacked the Philippines just after the attack on Pearl Harbor, same as attacking with the bomb at the north and southern parts of Manila. The lives of Philippines are like hell they treated very harshly like animal many people suffering from a lot of diseases. After that they defeated japan in 1945 killed lots of lives of both side peoples at last they recapture their country.

  1. Maginot Line and the fall of France, (1940)

Battle of France signifies Greatest Military Blunders of World War II it was one of the Germaninvasion. The British government (BEF) force fought with the new ideas and strategized all German operation. After discussion, they planned to divide the France with the Allied landings in 1944.

  1. Italy’s Invasion of Greece and Egypt, (1940-41)

It was an offensive invasion of French forces battled in the great military blunder of World War II. Libya is situated in the eastern part, at which Germans send their force in order to capture their both east and west parts of Egypt but delayed following the command of the general governor.Greece being neutral was pushed in war by Italian force in 1940 at last German won the war.

  1. Anzio, (1944)

The war took place on 22 January 1944, was a Greatest Military Blunders of World War II. Armies force of Allies and Germans fought this war which results in many killings of civilians and military peoples. Battle of Anzio started after the war of invasion of Italy in 1943, efforts of the British government to fought and get back their land. Allied force fight very bravely and slowly started to capture their inland with defeating Germans.

  1. (Tie) Kursk Russia, (1943)

This war took place at eastern part of Kursk, the operation between German and the Soviet Union take place on 5 July 1943. It is turning point operation for German and Soviet forces engage in Second World War responsible for so many clashes in the history. Kursk came out as one of the first successful strategic in summer against Red Army attacks, it opened a large gap because of the advancement put in the Soviet army. It is not a war it is an operation launch to extend the war for the certain period of time.

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