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download and upload speed
download and upload speed

What is a good download and upload speed

We need the internet almost for every commercial task and also for entertainment and social networking. This has become the very basic need of our life. people, who cannot afford the computer and laptops, they are simply using the internet on their smart phones and normal phones. Each part of our life is connected to the internet. if you want to talk to your friend, then you simply open your social networking site and leave a message on his or her timeline. Similarly for shopping too people now prefer the internet and they do online shopping. It helps in getting the best thing with reasonable prices. By the way above given whole tasks depends on the good speed of the internet connection. Now you were thinking that what is a good download and upload speed of any internet connection? So here I will explain it in detail.

Slow speed:

A slow speed internet connection is that connection, which is offering you speed of 128 kbps to 512 kbps. This is the speed of internet connection at which you need to buffer videos and then play it. At this speed the social networking sites also take time in loading and if you are chatting with any person, then you will get messages quite late. That’s why I have considered it good speed.

Average speed:

This speed of the internet connection runs around 512 to 2 mbps. In this speed you can easily watch videos and use other sites, but if your system will get slow, then there will be some problems in internet surfing. Almost people prefer this speed.

Good and fast speed

The internet connection, which offers you the internet speed about 2mbps and above, is surely the best internet connection. You can easily watch high quality videos in it and enjoy anything you want to do on the internet. That’s why I prefer only this for me and everyone.

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