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Finally Kristen Bell has send the Photo with Dax Shepard

That is a very wondering thing when Kristen Bell  and ‪Dax Shepard has got married in 2013 because they invited few of the guests in them the wedding. Some fans were very excited to know about them wedding but no one gets images about it. But now Kristen Bell shared the images with all which remember about the ceremony and which had the privacy. But in the interview, Kristen Bell has decided to open as well as share those wedding snaps with the press first time. And due to one statement, Kristen Bell committed about the marriage like doing it in a small room Beverly Hills courthouse and she also shares the few of images which show her best time of the life. That was an amazing moment for Kristen Bell and ‪Dax Shepard.

There were some of the snap about her husband Dax Shepard’s struggle and he had lost various things due to his addiction. This couple shares the two daughter names is Lincoln and Delta, 18 months. Kristen Bell is very famous American actress and singer and got married in 2013 with Dax Shepard. In that snaps Kristen Bell and ‪Dax Shepard looks lovely together and that is a very unforgettable moment for both of them. One of the very sweetest photos has shared through Kristen Bell where she cutely sees her husband due to the signature on wedding certificate. That thing was very excited for the Kristen Bell  and ‪Dax Shepard. During the interview Kristen Bell is going to be emotional and said about her husband is a very good father and love a lot with his daughter. But he is addicted to many of the things.

When they got married that time this couple wearing out the black dress and there is one of very cute pic of them kissing. That moment we all can feel how much is special for the Kristen Bell  and ‪Dax Shepard. In this image, Kristen Bell has with her real hairs and they were kissing in the courthouse. Kristen Bell said like “I can never forget that time because it was not only and the memory it was the moment of my life which never can died”. So Kristen Bell has emotionally attached with those all snaps and wants to always live with it.

She added few things regarding of her husband Kristen Bell  and ‪Dax Shepard that is about “various time be close to the losing everything and messed up”. That is very emotional too for Kristen Bell. Well, Dax Shepard has also a successful American actor, writer, director and comedian but he had some kind of the addiction which forced him to lose various thing. Well, everything is now sorted out and they prude to them parenting and make them child as the Hollywood personality. That was the very interesting interview with CBS Sunday Morning,  there were lots of things are cleared by the Kristen Bell about her life.

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