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Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason
Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason

Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason

A Superb Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason

An American Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason, who is a great writer along with the profession of being a fitness model was born on April, 1976 in Houston, Texas on US. Fitness Model Jamie Eason is also a Former NFL cheerleader and also the winner of World’s Fittest Model Competition. She has also given her images for the cover pages of several numbers of magazines. In the current times she has been as a full time spokesman for Bodybuilding.com and is also extending her own line of swimwear. In previous days she launched the supplement of her own with the help of Labrada nutrition.

This Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason is also occupied as a personal trainer along with a writer and a businesswoman. After being graduated from a college in the year 2001, during when she was working for her grandfather’s roofing company, she made her hands forward for the new Houstans Texans cheer-leading squad. She was selected one among the 35 girls selected from 1,600 in a very difficult two day process.

After  a couple of  years after her college studies, she was diagnosed with breast cancer making her forced for the desk job where inactive and dull lifestyle and ugly look and poor nutrition bring a toll on her lifestyle and also on her outlook. Then she joined a gym in order to find her body in proper shape and best figure. She used to work almost of hours of the day on her body, but the upcoming results were not satisfactory to her. Then at last, after making every possible effort she consulted a nutritionist who kept this sexiest Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason on a special diet which transformed her body figure to a very sexiest and attractive stage. As a result, her body was fully transformed.

This model having  multiple talent of keeping her body fit after being a mother of one child was firstly detected at a fitness competition in Austin, Texas. She obtained a pro card, as she finished her first Fitness competition in 2006 on the Hard-body Entertainment Model Search at the Olympia.

Being a spokesperson, the Female Face has been dubbed by this Female Fitness Model Jamie Eason of Bodybuilding.com which is the world’s largest and most visited online vendors for sports products and Nutritional products also. She paid more emphasis on the fitness of her body and also emphasize the unwanted muscles developed in the  body which were giving her a very ugly look. Some of the earlier photos of this Female Fitness Model which showed more skin, when she started modeling are highly regretted by Model Jamie Eason. She continued Fitness Modeling and also kept on encouraging the youngsters for fitness and modeling too. She doesn’t need to go and attend cardiac trainings but needs to attend and focus the weight training.

This Christian Female Fitness Model kept on fighting with cancer till the age of 22 but in last her heartly efforts to achieve her aim, made and also supported her to reach on this level and earn an international fame.

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