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Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan
Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan

Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan

Beautiful Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan

A Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan is well known as America’s  Ms. Figure of the year 2007 is also a WNSO Figure Professional along with being a Fame Judge, personal trainer, and a Fitness Spokesperson. She joined a fitness school in Boca Raton, after becoming a competitive gymnast for longer than 10 years. After getting fully graduated as a Certified Personal Training Specialist CPTS in 1 year, she went to take her NSCA exam and remained as certified ones in that organization.

In the years of 2005, she clicked her photos and uploaded them to a  very broad known website of modeling and from then she turned her this field of interest of being a  fit model for her profession. She knew the combination of her broadly developed gymnastics background, knowledge related to exercise science and extreme drive would result to be very important or useful if she detected in  any way in which she gets more interest. She started taking active part in the figure competitions which proved to be the perfect outlet for her fitness goals and be aware of the fact that by this, she will not only be able to lead a fit life with a very attractive, fit and sexy look but also be able to attract and develop the media’s field of interest as well. In starting this great Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan decided to compete in a local bodybuilding, fitness show named the 2005 NPC Southern States Figure Championship contest in which she was given the  Overall Best Figure Championship title. In this way, this great Female Fitness Model got motivated and became a successful star to have fame not on  the national level but on the International level.

Now for the further program, she again took part in the FAME North American Championships. In this Fitness Championship program, this Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan obtained the  advanced division and also became a WNSO Figure Professional.

After passing the two weeks of North American fitness championship program, she again gave her name in the competition of Ms. Figure America organized in Los Angels, California. Then she became the winner of the short class and the overall title.

Since then Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan has started paying full attention in making her body fit as per the requirements of a female fitness model. She also started making her body a very attractive and sexier than other all female fitness models.

Currently, she is paying full attention to her personal training and also making the other models ready for competition.

And along with the profession of a female fitness model, she is also the vice president of Global Outreach At Prosperity For Humanity.

This great Female Fitness Model named Ava Cowan has given her very attractive and sexiest pictures for the cover pages of several magazines such as Real Gainz Cover, X Fitness Cover, Hot Boat Magazin (June 2007), X Fitness magazine in January 2007. Totally around 20 magazines have been granted the grace of Female Fitness Model Ava Cowan.

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