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Famous People with Autism

Top 10 Famous People with Autism

According to the research in United State over the Autism we have found the 1 people from 10000 in 1943 and low the ratio is increased like 2 to 3 in 200 and here we have to know about the many Famous People with Autism. Autism considered with pediatric cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined and that is a very famous problem ever and now various people are facing that kind of the problem regularly. In many of the communities, the Autism has met each other and their autistic celebrities, artists, authors, scientists all are present and that is a serious issue.

In the below, then we have to follow the name Famous People with Autism who has still presented on the paper in the history books and some people as known as the advocates and some are presented in the media. So all in the sector, we have to see the various people who have like the Autism. Well, Autism is the one kind of the disorder which has to impair  the communication and interaction ability badly. That has not completely cured, but that is going to with the treatment.

Top 10 Famous People with Autism:

  1. John Elder Robinson author and autistic

The famous story which is published in 2007 by the Random House and story name is “Look Me in the Eye” and that story is about John’s life. According to this story, he was growing up with the autistic  and that is before of the diagnosis. And after that, he was gone with the diagnosed and that is also with the Asperger’s syndrome. But before of the time he already knew about the talent about the mechanics and electronics and his name is also situated as a part of Famous People with Autism.

  1. Thomas McKean, advocate & autism community leader

Thomas was very famous because of the autistic community and his dedication are observe at the side of the supporter of artistic research as well as education. And he has also reached the side of celebrity status and his name also includes the list of Famous People with Autism. And his first diagnosed with autism in the year of 1979 and that time he was on 14 years old.

  1. Jason McElwain, autistic high-school basketball wonder

Autism always brings the cluster of symptoms and that is the repetitive behavior like the tics, social blindness and he is also Famous People with Autism. He was the famous who had got the great attention of news and he had the great basketball player. He was also famous in the school because of his autistic fixation and that is for the playing basketball and he had also practice for it.

  1. Dawn Prince-Hughes and silverback gorillas

Academia is famous as the name of Dawn Prince-Hughes and she is very Famous People with Autism. She has famous because she had gained the recognition and because of the autism she had to write the how working with gorillas. And helps to the side of feelings of social isolation. She still famous because of writing the books as Gorilla Nation and My Journey Through Autism and both are very famous.

  1. Donna Williams, bestselling author, and autistic

Donna Williams is very famous because of the book Nobody Nowhere and also Famous People with Autism. Donna Williams was another autistic who has worked over the opening for public’s mind and she was the very famous artist. She how the thing how to express self as the through the sculpting, painting, writing songs, screenplays, and books. Her book Nobody Nowhere is about her autobiography and famous in the whole world.

  1. Tim Page, writer, and editor

He is also one another famous despite a diagnosis of autism and also a part of the list Famous People with Autism. Tim Page was a very famous critic as well as author and Pulitzer Prize and he was like music critic which is for the Washington Post. He was a profession is the a University of Southern California for the journalism and music.

  1. Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon

Satoshi Tajiri had got the autistic fixation with bugs and he is also a part of the Famous People with Autism. He is very famous because he was created the popular video game franchises. And another fixation is the video game as well as the autistic. Here he has imagined the bugs crawling as well as that belongs to link cable. Satoshi Tajiri well described by the Nintendo officials and he is famous through it.

  1. U.S. autistic jazz prodigy Matt Savage

He is the person who had diagnosed as having a PDD and in another word Pervasive Development Disorder Unspecified and that is the time when a doctor was not sure about the spectrum a child, as well as the adult, falls but after that people believe on the autism is exist. He is the boy who diagnosed with PDD when he was only three years old, and after that becomes the jazz prodigy. He has also recorded and saves the three audio Cd’s.

  1. Temple Grandin, animal, and autistic advocate

Temple Grandin is well known as the high-functioning autistic who has been inspired by the autistic community and famous inside the list of the Famous People with Autism. She had been sharing the own story with the autistic community and HBO has released the film which shows the story of her life and she was also written a book which name is Thinking in Pictures which is very famous as compared to others.

  1. Daniel Tammet

He was a genius as the Writer, linguist, educator and also known by the name of Brainman and his name is also listed in the Famous People with Autism. He was also claimed the national attention in the year of 2016 that was after writing the New York Times bestselling book that is famous and called by the name of Born On A Blue Day.

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