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Facts about Mahabharata

Top 10 facts about Mahabharata

Top 10 facts about Mahabharata

 Despite the fact that Mahabharata has crossed numerous decades yet it blankets an imperative and intriguing place in the lives of Indians of present day period as well as of the populace of different parts of the present world. The Mahabharata is one of the two significant legends in Sanskrit of old India. It contains in excess of one lakh couplets and is thrice the length of the Bible. Nonetheless, just a small amount of the portrayal manages the principle story with the rest containing extra myths and teachings. It states unmistakably at the outset itself that: “what is found here may be discovered somewhere else however what is not found here can’t be discovered somewhere else.” Most individuals accept the Mahabharata to be more reasonable, contrasted with the Ramayana, which appears to be excessively hopeful. It is to be said that Vyass rishi has written the whole Mahabharata. That had been lost and is likewise said to be the ongoing concept of all Indian methods of insight. Some people say that Mahabharata is a myth while some believes that it was one of the biggest epic battles of the universe. Although studies have shown that there is a chance that Mahabharata Battle has taken place. There are people who say that it was a fiction created by Rishi Vyass, well even it was a fiction it was one of the greatest creation ever.


Here are some Facts about Mahabharata:


1.   Duryodhana also had some positive aspects

Facts about Mahabharata

It is to be said that Duryodhana was the evil person, even the ‘Du’ present in his name meant bad or evil. Although Duryodhana too has some positive traits, he was a faithful and true friend. He truly loves his queen. He used to trust his friend Karana and his queen Bhanumati blindly. There is this story in which it is stated that once Karana and Bhanumati was playing the game of dice in which Karana was winning clearly, just then Duryodhana entered the palace, seeing her husband coming Bhanumati stood up while Karana on the other hand thought that Bhanumati is leaving the game incomplete, he pulled her back due to which her pearl drape broke, both Karana As well as Bhanumati was embarrassed because of this but Duryodhana on the other hand simply asked that if he pick up all the beads of pearl and tugged them in string again. this is first Facts about Mahabharata as per our list


2. in Reality, Ganesha Has written the Mahabharata

Facts about Mahabharata

It is to be said that Maharishi vyass thinking and writing speed differs a lot, so he asked lord Ganesha for helping him in writing this epic Story of Mahabharat. Although Lord Ganesha agreed for writing Mahabharata he made a condition that he will write only when Vyass will not stop at all, being a genius Vyass agreed on this condition saying that Ganesha have to write only when he fully understand the verses. So whenever Rishi Vyass needed time He started explaining shloks to lord Ganesha. This is 2nd Facts about Mahabharata as per our list


3.   about the birth of Kauravas

Facts about Mahabharata

There is a story that when Gandhari was in family way, kunti gave birth to a baby boy who they named Yudhishthira, due to jealousy gandhari bumped with a wall and went into her labour, in which in spite of a child she gave birth to a lump, later vyass came to heal her and that lump, he divided them into 100 parts and stored tem which later become Kauravas. This is 3rd Facts about Mahabharata as per our list


4.   Sahdev’s sixth sense

Facts about Mahabharata

Pandu once asked his sons to eat his flesh after his death but when pandu died none of them have this courage to do so. But once sahdev saw that some ants are eating his Father’s flesh so he put that piece in his mouth, afterwards as his father had said he gained some extra wisdom, he already knows what is about to happen but when he discuss all this with Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna force him to take a vow that he will never tell anybody about his wisdom that is why whenever someone used to ask something from sahdev he replied it in a questionnaire manner. This is 4th Facts about Mahabharata as per our list


5.   Karna had a Kavach since birth

Facts about Mahabharata

There is another ancient story that once there used to be a king who prayed to lord sun and asked for a Kavach and 1000 lives so that no one can kill him. Then Lord Vishnu split up in two parts they are called Narayan and Nar. Who used to kill that king alternatively they were successful 999 times but then again the demon of that king prayed to rescue his life by lord sun. This is to be said that Karna was that king and Krishna Narayan and Arjuna Nar.


6.   Mahabharata took place after Ramayana

Facts about Mahabharata

In Mahabharata, there is this version as well as mention of Ramayana that states that Ramayana happened first and then Mahabharata took place. This is 6th Facts about Mahabharata as per our list


7.   Shakuni came to took his revenge

Facts about Mahabharata

Gandhari has some issues in her kundali so she first married a goat which died after some time when Bhishma came to know about this he invited Gandhari’s family to hastinapur and then he them his prisoner, he used to send only one bowl of food, so gandhari’s family made a plan and feed only shakuni so that he will become strong and take their revenge, when gandhari’s mother died shakuni made a dice from her backbone which always listen to him. This was the same dice through which he ignited the fight among the cousins.


8.   Abhimanyu was Balarama’s son-in-law

Facts about Mahabharata

Balarama’s daughter was set to marry Duryodhan’s son but as Abhimanyu and Balarama’s daughter Vatsala was in love with each other got married, due to which DurYodhan was full of anger. This is 8th Facts about Mahabharata as per our list


9.   Jayadratha fell in love with draupadi

Facts about Mahabharata

Jayadratha was the husband of Dushal, kaurava’s only sister but once he saw Draupadi and fell in love with her, he then proposed her but when Draupadi refused he kidnapped her,when Pandavs found about the kidnapping they prepard themselves to kill Jayadratha but Draupadi stopped them as he was their brother-in-law but pandavas made him their slave by shaving his head off.

10.   Krishna During the battle broke his vow

Facts about Mahabharata

Lord Krishna has taken a vow that he will not raise a weapon during battle, but he raised his chakar in order to save Arjuna from Bhishma. This is 10th Facts about Mahabharata as per our list

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