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facts about India

Top 10 amazing facts about India

Top ten amazing facts about India

India is an amazing country of the continent Asia. India has a rich history of craft, including sanctuaries, cloisters, works of art and writing. Indian craftsmanship is religious in its subjects and improvements. Silver screen is likewise famous in India. Bolly-wood, India’s identical to Hollywood, produces from 800 to 1,000 motion pictures for every year – about three times the same number of as Hollywood’s studios.

India has a rich culture in music too. The sitar is a stringed instrument utilized within conventional Indian music, and group moving and singing. The veena (an alternate stringed instrument, like the sitar) and tabla (drums) are some other regular instruments in India. Guitars are additionally amazingly prevalent. The most prominent music for most Indians is the soundtracks from the current film hits, made in the nearby dialects of India. India has an amazing quantity as well as quality of food. In India, we have innumerable types of food, and all differ from each other in taste. In northern India, the staple eating regimen is dry chapattis (a sort of Indian bread cooked without oil) made with wheat flour and consumed with curried vegetables, potatoes or if families are extremely poor, simply the chapatti with onions. There are various varieties to the fundamental chapatti, and each of them has diverse names relying upon the elements utilized and how they are cooked. India is Rich in celebrating different festival; maximum numbers of festivals are celebrated in India in comparison to any other country. India celebrates almost every religions festival be it eid, Holi, Diwali, good Friday or Christmas. India celebrates all festivals with great enthusiasm. According to the nasa every year on Diwali, due to the population of crackers, a star is formed in the sky. India is the only country that consists of different religions as well as culture, India’s constitution considers not only Hindu culture but there are people who are the Buddhist, Jain and Sikh religions not the same as the Hindu religion, yet the constitution is regularly translated to incorporate those beliefs in Hinduism. This understanding has been a petulant issue, especially for the Sikh group that perspectives itself as one of a kind religion and plainly unique from Hinduism. Flexibility of religion is for the most part regarded, yet various government and state laws control religious life in India. India from the past 1000 years as well as before has never invaded any country. The lower rate of consumption of meat is in India. Well, not many people know that there are more mobile phones in India than toilets. India is truly incredible.

Here are some amazing facts about India:

1.   Indian Railways

facts about India
Indian Railways

Indian railways are unique as well as different from many other countries railway system. India’s railway system has around 1.4 million employees, which are equivalent, to many other countries total population. This is 1st facts about India

2.   Shignapur in Maharashtra, India

facts about India

Shani Shingnapur is a standout amongst the most astounding town of India. All houses in the town didn’t have entryways including their shops and corridors. They have never kept their valuable things in lock and key. No robbery has been accounted for yet in the town, it is the most stunning certainty about India. This is 2nd facts about India

3.   New Mumbai or Navi Mumbai, Maharastra, India

facts about India
Navi Mumbai

Mumbai is very congested city, to overcome this problem government built a new town near Mumbai in 1972 and gave it the name Navi Mumbai. Now Navi Mumbai is the largest township area, around the globe. All industrialists have their business as well some have their residence in Navi Mumbai itself. This is 3rd facts about India

4.   There is a case of Entering without ticket on a terrorist

facts about India

The world knows about the terrorist attack of 26/11. Mumbai police along with other charges of killing more than 100 people put a charge of entering railway station without tickets on Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist involved in the attack. Well, only Indians can think like this. This is 4th facts about India

5.   The first rocket of India was brought up in cycle

facts about India

India now is one of the advanced countries but back then when India was about to launch its first rocket, ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization used a cycle as a mode of communication to bring their first rocket at the right place.

6.   Science Day

facts about India

To honor India’s 11th president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Switzerland declared 26th of may as their national science day as Dr. Kalam has visited their country on that day. It seems like India’s 11th President Dr. Kalam is not only famous and popular in India but around the globe, people know and honor him. It is something to be proud of India and its citizen. This is 6th facts about India

7.   A small boy is worshipped as God

facts about India

India is extremely sentimental about religion; a boy named Arshad Ali khan is worshipped as lord human as he was born with an 11 inch tail. Local people of Punjab took blessings from him before every big decision of their lives. A story about this boy was also published in daily UK.

8.   In India there is a family that has 31 doctors

facts about India

There is a family in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, which consists of 31 doctors. Most members of this family are doctors. According to a leading newspaper Times of India, this family has physicians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, orthopedic, urologist, psychiatrists, pathologists and neurologists. Basically, this family is a family of doctors. This is 8th facts about India

9.   India has the largest post network

facts about India
post network

All around the world, India has the largest network of the postal system. There was a time when there were no mobile phones; the only mode of communication was post. In order to connect with each other people used to write letters, post cards, telegram, etc. right from that time India’s post network considered as the largest network around the globe.

10.   Kumbh Mela or Fest

facts about India
Kumbh mela

Every year there settles a mela or say fest known as Kumbh ka Mela at the bank of river Ganga. 100 million people gather there every year; it is world’s largest gathering. Every year Hindu gathers there and make it the most crowded mela of the world. This is 10th facts about India

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