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Experimental Towns
Experimental Towns

Experimental Towns in the World

Top 10 Experimental Towns in the World

Around the world, many towns are present which all is having different quality itself but here we see some of the Experimental Towns in the world. Most of the town are well known and good for communes and for business too. The famous nation of  a utopia and this is a very perfect, egalitarian, and harmonious paradise on Earth and like it many other of the Experimental Towns we watch in the below section. The Experimental Towns is the very interesting thing and through it, we can see new achievement and many different kinds of the thing which make this world wonder and beautiful.


Towns in the World
Towns in the World

Experimental Town is a kind of the formulation of scientist and philosophers and through that intelligence, they made the great world with the different approach to achievement. Well, the purpose of the Experimental Towns is made the society ideal and peaceful and brings the different ideas and prosperity in the town. So that all thinking is very good which really made the world good and interesting? Experimental Towns is very new and the recent way for the formulation of new ideas impressive and really innovative for all the living things.

Top 10 Experimental Towns in the World:

  1. Arcosanti

Arcosanti is built in 1970 and it is desert which has 70 miles north of the Phoenix. This is a very famed Experimental Towns in the world and most prominent part of the world. The interesting thing is it had claims to attempt to discover the fusion which is like the perfect architecture and ecology.  There work is suffer from the solar power for heating, cooling, and electricity and its work in harmony.

  1. Auroville

The Auroville is a very famous hallmark of Experimental Towns as well as the community. This experimental community has an emphasis on love and peace, and they mostly filtered through the heavy dose of new age philosophy. Well, the Auroville is a well-known multicultural city of India and this is the world famous town by the name of Experimental Towns. There balancing in the harmony among people of different religions, races, and political backgrounds is very well.

  1. Findhorn Ecovillage

Findhorn Ecovillage is a world famous Experimental Towns and it is perhaps the well-known example of the community which founded on an ideology of ecological sustainability and the renewable energy. The there community was started on the 1960 and did not take it from until 1982. The Findhorn’s part of the community has been the commitment to sustainability which is emphasis on autonomy. Here the cloud of the community has flourish both socially and economically.

  1. Pullman, Illinois

Pullman is a part of Experimental Towns and there the experimental community has always started with the best of intentions and it’s sometimes lined up between the utopia and dystopia which is may get a little unclear. Well, the town had been conceived by George Pullman and it’s a one of the industrialist made his fortune building ornate. Pullman had purchased several thousand acres of land, which is situated in the outskirts of Chicago. This town has been elaborate in a future with inclusion of own school, shopping centers, theater, library, church, and even a man-made lake.

  1. The Harmony Society Communities

The Harmony Society Communities also a famous part of the Experimental Towns and this is an Religious utopian community and it were range is around the 1800s and this utopian communites was started by the Harmony Society. Well, this society, as well as community, is started from German in the 1700s, and the experimental town is German with the Harmony Society Communities. Here the group had been led by the Johann Georg Rapp and it immigrated to the Pennsylvania around the year 1803.

  1. The Federation of Damanhur

Federation of Damanhur is a very famous ancient Egyptian city and this is also famous in the world with the name of Experimental Towns. Here the utopian commune has located on the outside of Turin, Italy and it was started in 70s by Oberto Airaudi and the smallest group of followers. This community has been offshoots center and refers to itself as the collective dream where important things are spiritual, artistic, and social research which take place and this group has prizes environmental sustainability etc.

  1. The Farm

This is a famous living experienced Experimental Towns and a renaissance with the rise of the hippie movement and various young people have dropped out of society. And they people has attempted to form independent and utopian communities. There all the certainly town has Summerton, Tennessee known only as The Farm and the early days The Farm took a very famous vow of poverty and had been swearing off tobacco, and all animal products and alcohol.

  1. Israeli Kibbutzim

Kibbutzim is not referred to the specific community but its situated under the part of Experimental Towns and it becomes the late of 19th and nearly 20th centuries. Here term has been itself translated like the gathering and it has been used to describe the various corporation communities and that was founded via Jewish immigrants to the side of a creation of Israel. Here the philosophy of the kibbutzim which was devotion to equality.

  1. Oneida Colony

Oneida Colony is very famous New York community which was started from 1848 through John Humphrey Noyes. This community has started like the very small group around the 80 people and that number of people has increased very rapidly within few years. This group had the very small plot of land where Oneida Colony had started and it’s a kind of the Experimental Towns also.

  1. Brook Farm

Brook Farm is a very famous part of the Experimental Towns and a part of Massachusetts. This community had lasted five years and the town has been started from 1841 via George and Sophia Ripley. This couple has been subscribed to the transcendental philosophy which is espoused and espoused through the poets and thinkers like Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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