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Enjoyed the Amazing Game by ‪Miles Teller with Jimmy Fallon

Well both the personality are well known through this world and here we first want to give the general information about Jimmy Fallon and Miles Teller. So will start with the name of Jimmy Fallon, he is a very famous American comedian and singer, actor and television host and writer-producer and in the short word we can call him a multi-talent personality guy. He was started his career since 1998 a still he is active. The second name will talk about the ‪Miles Teller, who is the very charming American  actor. His personality was representing through many movies and still some upcoming movies are Bleed for This, War Dogs, The Divergent Series: Ascendant.

Now we have to start talking about the game which name is Slip & Flip and that games were playing with Jimmy Fallon and that game is just like the wild and wet playing. Miles said about Jimmy as he broke out the fun as the summer game and that is especially for the War Dog. The amazing moment is their when I play that Slip & Flop. Miles Teller also said on the The Tonight Show when that was the start and he said just talk with the Jimmy about the know that game because he will better understand do to all. There was the premise is the combo is of flip cup with the slip and also with the slide. And for playing this amazing game Jimmy Fallon and ‪Miles Teller both were wear the jumpsuits for the sliding down on the wet rubber and track that to a table of the solo cup. They also had the down beer after that the cup to flip and for winning the just race back and fourth and then first from all of the six cups of winning.

It was the very entertaining game and the public also entertain by that new game which played between then Jimmy Fallon and Miles Teller. Due to the interview miles also talked about this game and asked the few thing by the public as well as the audience like would audience went to wild his delight. On the twitter post, he said about the one girl has twitted like “Did you get in a fight with a radioactive mayonnaise truck?” and one girl twitted the sentence like One girl said ‘Eww, I’m dead bye.’” OUCH! And both are very interesting for him.

The wonderful thing has Miles also shared his hidden talent via this interview where he shows his singing and revealed. And also talked about how he currently performed in Mexico with the  Keith Urban. He said that was the unpredictable performance. Miles had met with him when he did his movie The Rabbit Hole which was his first movie and there was the singer also has his wife Nicole Kidman. Their miles was also talking about his girlfriend what she said about him etc. So in all over the interview, lots of the hidden thing was spread to an audience.

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