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Elephant Festival
Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival

Put Step Ahead with Elephant Festival

The elephant represents the royal culture of India and the elephant is the one of the largest animals of the world but he is also very intelligent. In old era elephant was the part of king families and till now the elephant is the respective animal for Indians. Well, here the most important festival of India, which is related by the Elephant is Elephant Festival.  The Elephant Festival is driven by the name of the elephant. This is also a one kind of the whole festival celebrating in the Jaipur city which is a part of Rajasthan state in India.

There are amazing features of the Elephant Festival like elephant polo, elephant dance, the Elephant Festival is started from the huge royal procession of bedecked camel, elephants, horses and folk dancers. It is the very amazing festival where each one is enjoying well. That kind of the festival will only see in India, which is very different to other festivals and Elephant Festival is the most vital part of the Rajasthan State.  During the Elephant Festival, an elephant will prepare by the makeup like an elephant trunk will paint and forehead and also feet also paint. Means here elephants look like the groom and there is a lot of the fun. Children, especially moved to one place to another for different activities and Elephant Festival is the place of the joy and attraction.

Well,the  elephant was always treated like the imperial Mount with King and elephant is the very vital member of the royal family and the elephant looks a huge supporter of the king. In the Elephant Festival, many royal games also present at the events and folk dance, folk music made this festival more different and attractive. Well, in all the festival of Rajasthan folk music is the joy and pride of Rjasthan and its really very awesome. Rajasthan’s folk music allure all the people to visit the viability of Rajasthan and its very pride thing for India. Elephant Festival is also included in the India’s joy and its represent the India in front of all over the world. Many kinds of the festival are celebrated in India and Elephant Festival is also a kind of the Holi Indian festival of Rajasthan.

Children are always fascinated to move like a kind with elephants so in the Elephant Festival that kind of the-the fun for the child is also present where children and all can fun overhead in the festival. Elephant Festival is just the huge procession of groom elephants in the Jaipur and it will celebrate in a huge level. Elephant Festival is celebrated in a march month and here crowd is collect to view the group of elephants grooms.  All over the world, Rajasthan is the one of the states which are conducting that kind of small and large festival and shows the royalty of India. Here all is free to visit and enjoy the fun of Elephant Festival and feel the culture and music as well as dance of Rajasthan. Its very to all festival and a kind of Holi festival.

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