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ways to download YouTube videos
ways to download YouTube videos

Top 10 ways to download YouTube videos

YouTube is world’s leading video providing website. This website contains billions of vides of movies, functions, songs and everything. Whatever you want to see for your entertainment, simply search it on the YouTube and you will get many videos related to your search. People upload videos and movies of their area. Thus YouTube has become the best and biggest video finding destination. Today there is no other way of finding video for free online instead of YouTube. This website is leading video provider for anything you want. If you have no idea, how to download videos from YouTube, here we are providing you top 10 ways to download YouTube videos.

1-      Get official YouTube downloader software:

YouTube has launched its own downloader software, through which you can easily download the videos from YouTube. This is an ultimate source of getting videos direct from the YouTube website. What you have to is to simply pick the URL of your choice’s video and then paste it into the YouTube downloader’s URL section. After that click at the download button and you will get that video in few seconds. So, isn’t it the best way of getting videos from YouTube website? For sure yes!!

2-      KeepVid

This is another best way of downloading video songs from YouTube website. You can easily download the video song from website just by doing copy the website URL and then doing paste it in the big box like URL box of the application. once you have did this task, then you just need to tap at the download option of this downloader. Your video will start downloading and you will get it in few minutes. A lot of people of many countries use KeepVid to download videos from YouTube.

3-      Take help of Internet download managers:

Off-course there is much software available on the internet, which work as the free downloader software for videos and movies. What you have to do is to simply download that software in your system, then install it. After installing this software, whenever you will watch any video on the YouTube website, it will offer you facility of downloading video. You have to just click on “download option” and your video will start downloading. According to me it is really the simplest way of getting YouTube videos.

4-      Use media players for downloading videos:

There are many media players available on the internet, which offers you facility of downloading the video. For example such a media player is real player, which helps you in direct downloading the video from YouTube website. You can find many similar media players on the internet. Download one of them and use it for downloading the videos from YouTube. Such players offer you facility of downloading video from YouTube simply by providing the download option right above the video of YouTube.

5-      SaveVid:

This is a wonderful website, which takes URL of videos and offers you downloading facility of them. This is quite similar as the official YouTube downloader software, but it works as a website. You have to select a video from YouTube and then copy its URL. As you done copy URL of video, then simply paste it into the URL box of the SaveVid website and then click at download option. Your video will be downloaded in few minutes. Many people prefer it because this website provide videos of high quality and quite quickly.

6-      DetURL:

This one is also a website, which offers you facility of downloading YouTube videos. If you have seen any wonderful video on YouTube and you want to get it in your system. Simply visit at DetURL and then copy video URL from YouTube website. At time of downloading, you have to just type pwn before YouTube’s video URL and click at download option. Your video will be available in your system in five or six minutes. This is a great way of having big videos from YouTube.


This source is also a YouTube video downloading website. it also work same as above mentioned websites. This is quite different from others because it also offers you video downloading facility of many other websites. If you have got any good video in other website from YouTube and you want to download it in your computer, you can take help of to download that video.

8-      YTD downloader:

If you are using windows operating system in your computer or laptop, then you should use YTD downloader software for downloading YouTube videos. YTD downloader is considered as windows best tool, which provides you the best platform to download YouTube videos in windows system. There are many people, who are using windows operating system in their computers, are using YTD downloader software to download videos.

9-      FastTube:

This is a browser extension, which supports too many browsers. For example, if you are using Google Chrome browser to brows internet, so you can use this extension software to download videos from YouTube. Simply get this extension software and install it in your browser and then open the YouTube website. Search for a video and play it. In few seconds you will get the download button to download the selected video from YouTube.

10-  Video DownloadHelper

This is the best YouTube video downloader support for Firefox browser. It easily directs you to download video from YouTube in Firefox browser. Just open your Firefox browser and search a video in YouTube and then download it by using Video DownloaderHelper. This will lead you for having your downloaded video much faster and easily. There are plenty of beings are using this downloading software and they are getting their favorite videos in their computers.

All above mentioned sources are really the top 10 ways to download YouTube videos from YouTube website. Whenever you need to download any video of your favorite entertainment show or related to your study, you can search it on the YouTube website. You can easily download it through above given ways.

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