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How to disable photos on facebook timeline

As of late a companion of mine on Facebook posed the question: ‘In what capacity would I be able to erase photographs off Facebook?’ This article will take a gander at the diverse cases and what you can do about photographs of you.

Your photographs

In the event that you have transferred the photographs yourself, it is a simple system:

  • Simply go to the particular photograph. When you span down you will discover a connection on the left side colloquialism: ‘Erase This Photo’.
  • Once you’ve clicked on it, it will make a twofold check inquiry simply to verify you didn’t coincidentally click on the connection.
  • Once you affirm the inquiry the photograph will be erased.
  • You can additionally erase various photographs by heading off to a collection and clicking on ‘Alter Album Info’. Go to ‘Alter Photos’ and you will discover a little box to click underneath the photograph adage ‘Erase this photograph’.

Photographs posted by another person on your timeline: 

  • You can’t erase photographs that other individuals have posted anyway you can un-tag yourself by clicking on ‘Uproot Tag’ at the lowest part beside your name.
  • This implies that the photograph will no more show up under your profile and your companion (or any other person) will additionally never again have the capacity to tag you in this particular photograph. This does not however imply that it vanishes from their photographs. Anybody associated with them will even now have the capacity to see it around their photographs.

Remove your profile picture

  • Given that you have transferred your profile photograph you can without much of a stretch erase it by clicking on your current picture, selecting the ‘Uproot as Profile Picture’ connect beneath the photograph.
  • You can then likewise erase the photograph, which implies nobody will have the ability to see

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