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Desert Festival
Desert Festival

Desert Festival

A Great Jaisalmer, Rajasthan Desert Festival

Rajasthan is a very royal state of India and each one knows that and same as that royal thing Desert also very famous here. In fact, Rajasthan is the world’s largest desert place, and there the Desert Festival also famous as that royal things. Desert Festival is a much important part of the Jaisalmer, which is also the iconic place of Rajasthan. Desert Festival is just like the mirror of Rajasthan because its represent the whole culture of the Rajasthan, in fact, each thing about the Rajasthan. In this festival Amid the golden sand is the very amazing and wonderful fragrance of love, and it have amazing kind of attraction which directly connect  to the heart.

A former medieval dealing center is Jaisalmer and princely state Indian state of Rajasthan in the Western, this is present in the soul of the Thar Desert. It’s also known as the Golden City, it is differentiated through its yellow sandstone constructing. Influencing the skyline is Jaisalmer Fort, a spreading  hilltop tower confirmed by 99 bastions. The yearly event is organized through the Rajasthan Tourism Development is in the Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

In the Desert Festival most famous part of the festival are folk dance and folk music because the whole Rajasthan is very famous for its folk.  Folk music and Folk dance are always the special demand of the visitor. So this is the largest attraction of the Desert Festival. Another thing is Camel Safari & camel racing, Blazing Desert Nights, For shopping lovers. Here each and everything is [resent for all. Children also have the fun and enjoying the culture of Rajasthan with camels

The History of A Great Jaisalmer Desert Festival:

Here, the festival of the Jaisalmer Desert festival many people are not aware of the history as well as this festival also. This festival is included same as legends, legends go; Lord Krishna, as well as a ruler of Yadav community, is said to Arjuna, Arjuna is one of the Pandavas that a victory belongs from the Yadav is set up his province.

Celebration of Desert festival in Jaisalmer:

The celebration of the desert festival in Jaisalmer comes alive with many colors all colors are added in happiness as well as enthusiasm. The Festival begins with a procession in early in the morning. Now we are discussing the traditional dress which wears at this festival. Desert Festival in Jaisalmer the common attire like the bright dress and this dress will be traditional dress also. Be a watcher of rare conflicts just like camel polo. Gymnastics performances on camel back and camel formation dance doing are the final jewels of the festival of a great Jaisalmer, Rajasthan Desert Festival. In this Jaisalmer Desert Festival, people are wearing many different dresses.

Desert Festival is the most important festival of Rajasthan and Desert Festival is always attracting the visitor and visitors also comes from largest countries also because they feel something new here and they got the chance to feel the culture of Indian’s top royal states Rajasthan.

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