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Communes in the World

Top 10 Communes in the World

In the world many communities are famous and many experimental towns are also there which has famous for doing something special for the society and for peoples. Here we are having some international community which has initiate to change the human life and give a great life forever. Well around the world various communities are alive and some are achieved the goal very fast and some are under the struggle. In the below section some of the wonderful Communes in the world and those communities are famed because of its work and people satisfaction.

Communes in the World
Communes in the World

People search the Communes which is giving the satisfaction in the different particular kind and there are some of the well valued Communes which always cares about the people. In the Communes are having social, political and many different focusing points and few communities are always helping where people needed. So that kind of the different-different communities is arrived in the world. Those Communes are the really best approach in the world and those have to try to make the better world for all the guys and all the people around the world. Each one can join and follow that community.

Top 10 Communes in the world:

  1. Polestar Yoga Community, Big Island, Hawaii

This is a very famous Communes and the name is Polestar Yoga Community, Big Island, Hawaii and this is wonderful. Here waking up with imagining and sound of bells which are from the temple to share in a morning yoga and their ritual overlooking the mountains of Peru. It’s very famed community because of the wonderful looks of Pacific Ocean in Hawaii and here people together for the common goal of harmonic living and for also artistic exploration etc.

  1. Eco Truly Park, Peru

This is very famous Communes of world and famous for the yoga and ,meditation and also their peoples has to come for the peaceful atmosphere. The Polestar  has been offering the energizing lifestyle of daily yoga and karmic yoga, meditation and service projects and also outdoor adventure opportunities. Its really much better place  and community for all the people and here people feel the peaceful stuff.

  1. Synchronicity Artist Commune, Los Angeles, California

The famous Synchronicity Artist Commune is a part of the Los Angeles in California in the USA. Here everything looks perfect and looks out of fairy tale and here we can see the adorable little cone-shaped of buildings which have colorfully painted spires. That building also has dotted the hillside on the Pacific coast of Peru and this community is famous as the ecological and artistic community. Here the hour north of Lima has been founded the principles of non-violence.

  1. Earthhaven Ecovillage, Asheville, North Carolina

This is a world’s top most Communes and situated in Asheville in North Carolina and here laid back lifestyle is as the sunny of Southern California. Here the  Synchronicity is very relaxed and living community is always welcoming all. Here the great synchronization live and that makes the example for all community itself. Synchronicity has eleven resident which all are very wonderful.

  1. Milagro Cohousing, Tucson, Arizona

Milagro Cohousing is very famous Communes located in Tucson in Arizona and located in the mountains of the Western North Carolina. It has been 28 passive solar and on 43 acres energy-efficient adobe homes well this is a very good community. Their many people are coming to join this community who want to live the green lifestyle and needs surrounded by like-minded neighbors. Here all of the residences has been accessing the 35 acres which are of undeveloped open space.

  1. Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community, Costa Rica

This is a very famous and great part of the Communes and it’s a kind of communities. You can ever watch it on star wars and if you wish to come here so you could enjoy with the tree house community. The Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community is a rustic network and situated in the mountainous South Pacific coastal region which is of a Central American nation. It’s situated surrounding between the Jungle and brimming with life. Their people have to see the off-grid, carbon-neutral tree houses which are connected to the aerial walkways.

  1. Tamera Peace Research Village, Portugal

This is very famous self-sufficient Communes of the world and Tamera Peace Research Village is situated in the Alentejo region which is of the side southwestern Portugal. And here home is to 250 coworkers and students and there include the non-profit peace foundation and also a SolarVillage test site. It’s a wonderful part of the world and amazing community for the people in this world.

  1. Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, Missouri

Dancing Rabbit Eco Village is a kind of the showcase which is capture the natural beauty of it. This is also situated inside the well-known part of the Communes in the world and having the great self-position. It’s natural building technique made it more impressive and this community is located in near Rutledge, Missouri advocating low-impact living and this one is dedicated to the social change.

  1. EcoVillage at Ithaca, New York

The EcoVillage at Ithaca is an ideal sustainable Communes. EcoVillage at Ithaca is the very famous example of the thriving in the Finger Lakes which is the part of the region of upstate New York. It is includes three co-housing neighborhoods which are also called by the name of Frog, Song and Tree as well as an organic CSA vegetable farm. Well its very peaceful place and good community and have the good position in the whole world.

  1. Conceptual Community of Tiny Housess

This is the very great house of dream and this is also a part of the top most Communes in the world. Well, people, who have lived in the small as well as tiny houses one they want to build their own some day and here they talk about to making this village happen. It’s very nice step which is took through the people here and this is very famed part of the Communes in the world.


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