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Cirebon travel guide

Cirebon travel guide

Cirebon, mentioned in the Cirebon travel guide as one of the cities in Indonesia is located on the north coast of Java that connects Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya over land. Cirebon city called the city of shrimp and the city guardians, as well as a meeting area Sundanese and Javanese culture since centuries ago so that regional languages are the languages used local Sundanese and Javanese. Cirebon city with an area of 37.54 square kilometers with the dominant housing for 298 thousand inhabitants by 32% and 38% for agriculture. Cirebon city as a city that connects various cities in Java put this city as a transit city that helps the economy populated by Cirebon travel guide analysis.


Through the Cirebon travel guide the visitors will know the progress that has been achieved since many years and see the culture attached to the local community as its own characteristics. A variety of arts, customs and culture of the city of Cirebon become the main attraction for visitors who can obtain detailed information about when visitors make reservations. With the proper travel guide, visitors will be taken directly explore culture.


When you book hotels in Cirebon, all information tourist attractions, culture, and historical buildings will be exposed and brought tourists exploring the history of the city of shrimp. The development of tourism in Cirebon adverse impact on the economy of the local population and the increasing development of hotels with world class facilities to pamper guests. Travel information Cirebon recommends travelers to book during a visit to Cheribon as difficult to find a hotel room since the city became the center of rattan furniture business that attracts many foreign business people.


According to the Cirebon travel information that in 1513, Cirebon is a trade center on the island of Java and Cirebon port setting as the import and export of goods transit center for political control of the region in rural of Java. Cirebon name comes from the word Caruban meaning a mixture because the culture of the city is a mixture of cultures Sundanese, Javanese, Chinese and Arabic.


Places to stay in Cirebon


Grage Hotel


With 74 rooms consisting of superior, deluxe and executive are designed with luxury and elegance for the convenience of visitors. Coffee shop, meeting rooms, restaurant, shuttle service, 24-hour room service, concierge and swimming pool available for visitors. Grage hotel locate in Grage Mall area, near train station and business center that is perfect for tourists or business people. The visitors were taken to enjoy all the facilities available like, sitting room, bathtub, LVD TV, hair dryers and more.


Santika Hotel


Santika hotel located strategically with design and luxurious facilities, 2 kilometers from the train station, shops and village Trusmi the famous batik cloth. It offers three types of rooms, namely, superior, executive and deluxe hotel with a total 87 room ready to provide leisure break visitors. Santika hotel features a spa, sauna, swimming pool, fitness facilities, a garden and a parking area that satisfy the visitors. All the world class amenities and luxury provided so that visitors feel at home and revisit.


Bentani Hotel


The hotel is a great choice for business people and tourists who want to explore the city of Cirebon because located near the train station and provides a shuttle for guests who stay. This hotel is favorite gathering place businesses at leisure while enjoying dinner with business associates. Bars, nightclubs into the entertainment as visitors stay at this hotel with the best facilities and services are satisfactory.

Popular Things to do and see in Cirebon


Keraton Kasepuhan


Keraton Kasepuhan is a historic building that well maintained and grandest palace in the city of Cirebon. The front page Kasepuhan palace surrounded by red brick walls with a museum that contains treasures and paintings of the royal collection. In the east, there is a square where the market economy that is now visited by many tourists to enjoy a pot of tea. On the other side, there Agung Mosque is the oldest mosque in Cirebon, built in 1480, in the songo guardians spread Islam in Java Island. The mosque consists of two rooms, namely, porches and main room goes through the nine doors that symbolize the guardians Songo.


Sunyaragi Cave


Sunyaragi derived from the Sanskrit word, which built as a place of retreat and meditation Cirebon sultans and their families. Sunyaragi Cave is one of the cultural heritage with an area of 15 acres built with architectural blend of classic Indonesian style or Hindu, ancient Chinese, Middle Eastern and European styles. Through Cirebon travel guide, travelers will be invited to see the cultural scene.




Panjunan mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the city of Cirebon, built in 1480 by Abdurrahman Sharif who is of Arab immigrants who became disciples of Sunan Gunung Jati. Arab cultural influence seen condensed on buildings around the mosque is a mosque and village people of Arab descent. Panjunan mosque architecture is a blend of Hindu, Chinese and Islam.


Trusmi village


Trusmi village is a village in Cirebon batik, which is the center of business, not only for the local market but also known to many countries such as, the Netherlands, Japan and America. Batik Cirebon has advantages in design and trademarks so not surprised if known throughout the world. Travelers will be invited to see the making of batik and batik Cirebon can get souvenirs at affordable prices.


Places to Eat in Cirebon


Jamblang Rice – Mang Dul


Located at Jalan Cipto Mangunkusumo across right in front Grage Mall is a typical food Cirebon city, which opened in the 1970s. Jamblang rice is rice that is served using teak leaves with side dishes no less than 20 types that can be selected as desired.


Lengko Rice Pagongan


Lengko Rice is one of the typical foods that are full of locals Cirebon protein and low in calories, which is located on the famous and Pagongan. Lengko Rice contains only rice, tempeh, tofu, cucumber, bean sprouts, chives, fried onion, peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. Typically, Lengko rice mixed with adding delicious goat satay.

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