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Charmian Carr: ‘The Sound of Music’ Liesel Actress has Died

An American actress Charmian Carr who had played the role of the eldest daughter von Trapp as Liesel has died at the age of 73. She was famous because of her song Sixteen Going on Seventeen in the 1965 film. She was famously known by the name of Liesel ad that role is in the movie The Sound of Music. After the leave of film industries by Charmian Carr had open the interior design firm which is situated in California. And her mother had arranged the audition for the role. The Sound of Music was many hits and each one like this one and made her famous.

Charmian Carr had written two books which are on her experience and name is Forever Liesl and Letters to Liesl. And she had another major role is about the Stephen Sondheim which is the television musical Evening Primrose and that’s because she is also very famous but now she left all of us and leave that world forever. Lots of the fans are on the twitter which follows the Sound of Music and that got the lots of love by fans. The movie Sixteen Going on Seventeen in the year 1965 and got the famed a lot. Charmian Carr was famed for its role and the song was collect he traffic and listed in the topmost song’s list. It was a great moment for all and that famed is made Charmian Carr on the top star of the Hollywood which is really awesome.

There the actor had totally embraced audiences’ and reverence also which is for the musical and frequently appearing and that moment had come at the fan events commemorating of the movie. There including the performance on the sing-a-long this is at the Hollywood Bowl. Kym Karath is the very famous part of the movie and played the Gretl role that is youngest one of Von Trapp children and had to play the wonderful role. Charmian Carr born in 1942 and her father was the musician and also an orchestra leader and her mother was in the profession vaudeville actress. She had going to open the own interior business after acting in California and she was successful on it but we all are the surprise to listen about her death. And all we are respecting her after even her death because she was very hardworking and talented actress.

Charmian Carr had survived with four siblings whereas two children and the four grandchildren. They made her family happy and that is very painful about her death because one more talented star is not with us but we all remember her a lot. And don’t even forget her in this world because her name Liesel which is very famous after her movie. So all around the world her name famous as the Liesel which is very commonly known and loved by all so on the twitter lots of message are collected which is regarding of pain about her death.

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