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Happy Festivus
Happy Festivus

Celebrating the Holiday with Happy Festivus

Celebrating the Holiday with Happy Festivus

In the Traditional terms, Happy Festivus is the greeting of Festivus and with following the featured in “The Strike”. That episode was run with Seinfeld which had first aired on 18 December 1997. Well according to the Seinfeld model the Festivus is celebrating every year on 23rd December. Peoples are celebrating this Festivus also in other times as well as throughout other times in the year. The interesting slogan of Festivus are “A Festivus for the rest of us!” and that is the tradition for a holiday with a tradition of Tree.


Celebrating the Holiday with Happy Festivus
Celebrating the Holiday with Happy Festivus

Famous episode of the Happy Festivus is “The Strike”:-

With the Seinfeldian origins of the side is Festivus traditions is begin dated again to the 9th season episode titled i.e. “The Strike”. The small story is about the Strike is Frank Costanza has to expressed the sweetest concern on the increased commercialism and consumerism and it make tends which is saturate the December holiday season. This story is always in the support of the Christmas gift which is from the side of Frank Costanza to his son George. That was a very sweet and short story which is real and due to the following storing the Happy Festivus is now in the trend and in tradition.

Elements of the Seinfeld Happy Festivus

  • The Festivus Pole
  • The Airing of Grievances
  • Festivus dinner
  • The Feats of Strength

Those all are very necessary element of the Happy Festive of December and this are the real tradition will follow.

The Festivus Miracle!

Well, there nothing is the element for the official celebration or holiday it just for enhancing the happiest moment and for Cheer up. Phenomenon about the Happy Festivus is displayed twice in the real episode and its send up the phrase “Christmas Miracle”.

Real Festivus-

The idea of the festive is come from Seinfeld writer Dan O’Keefe and that is from the additional started by his father Daniel O’Keefe. So the originally invented the Festivus is via elder O’Keefe and had its vague origin in the year of 1966. After that, he will start the holiday with his children, and Dan, a Seinfeld writer and shared it. So from that time this Festivus is getting the side of tradition and till people has to follow this happy Festivus as same. This Festivus is just for the enjoyment which will make whole year cheerfully.

Celebrating way is also very different of each people and there some of the way for celebrating the Festivus as follows. Well traditional style is a great enough idea for this Festivus but apart idea is also here from that tradition way such as: Buy the Festivus centerpiece, a single aluminum pole and get the online idea for dig up. Set up the aluminum pole and hit out the grocery store to the side of traditional Festivus goodies. Next prepare an ultimate area to perform “feats of strength”, Serve Dinner etc. Those the entire thing is made your celebration amazing and you could enjoy here with your family and friends.


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