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Breakup fight between Longterm hot relationship of Casandra and Sean Combs

Sean Combs and ‪Cassie are now in the news because of them breakup and that couple was in such the long-term relationship but now they are separate. Casandra Elizabeth Ventura is a very famous American model, dancer, actress and recording artist. There as Sean Combs a famed American record producer, actor, entrepreneur and hip-hop recording artist. Actually, they both Sean Combs and ‪Cassie are the tie in the long term relationship but now they are going to be breakup after the fight.

That fight is because of Combs had jock on his girlfriend Cassie which had some questions about watching the images of him had reunited with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and that images were after the  2015 American Music Awards in the past November. That image is regarding of chatting and smiling with her and that images are private after the party in the club. And those images are also posted on YouTube with the title of Diddy talked about his reunion with Lopez. He gives the statement like he and Jennifer are talking as a friend and there were Cassie also present, some misunderstanding was there about this laugh and talk. And “my ex is happy to see me and that’s because she smiled and I thought that is not biggest issue” that was said by Sean Combs in an interview.

The long-term girlfriend and R&B artist Casandra Elizabeth Ventura have reportedly and fight with Sean Combs about the split after heated things and arguments. That prompted Cassie’s mother called the police in her daughter’s home that report is from TMZ repot. According to various sites that fight begin from Wednesday and that time Combs reacted poorly when his girlfriend Cassie told his relationship which was over and that fight is spread now socially and on the social site having the different comments about them relationship fight. This rapper reportedly has been swiped the phone of Ventura and he had excited to read her message on the vehicle and hoping about the reasoning which is for the split and Cassie had to leave him with her driver.

After the day when Combs back to the home and relinquished the cell phone and then Cassie’s mother called the police and that is because regarding of argument over the missing phone. Police taking about all this matter is regarding of domestic incident report. That is the very shameful thing now because that kind of incident is going to be the public first time where police were also included. Ex-relationship was famous on-and OFF relationship since 2006 but now that is totally off stick relationship that all knows that. He said he can’t do anything but really wonder to think about it again and again and recent altercation very weird and show his face through Instagram images which are apologizes for images as acting which is just like “asshole”. Well, this is very recent incident about the love life of Sean Combs and ‪Cassie.

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