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Bogor Hotels & Travel Guide

Bogor Hotels & Travel Guide

Bogor is located at 54km south of Jakarta and can be reached by a 1-hour trip with an area 118.50 square meters with a population of 834 000 million. Known as the city of rain due to high rainfall and is located at the foot of Mount Salak and gede mountain so rich in rain orography, located at an altitude of 190-330 meters above sea level. Bogor cool climate with temperature averages 26 degrees Celsius. Bogor located near Jakarta that has a positive impact on development and economic growth. The city is predominantly ethnic Sunda with religious diversity that lives in harmony.


Through the Bogor travel guides, travelers are invited to enjoy the beauty, fresh air and comfort of this city with a myriad of culinary, which the main attraction. Travelers can enjoy the open house of the presidential palace can be visited on certain days. Travelers who like extreme activity can do mountain climbing activities and get your information from some professional climbers. Bogor travel guides able to bring tourists explore all the interesting sights and delicious traditional foods.


When visitors book hotel in Bogor, all the comfort and beauty of the stunning views obtained through the terrace with your partner. Hotels and resort with world-class facilities available for the tourists who want to pamper and take advantage of the comfortable holiday. Make sure to get full facility with a green environment and close to nature so that it becomes which memorable vacation.


According to the Bogor travel information, the best time to visit Bogor was in June until September to enjoy the warm air compared to other months. Bogor has a unique climate that is used as botanical and agricultural research centers to date. Based Bogor travel information; the city became a tourist destination attractive to residents from outside the city to enjoy the cool air and spectacular natural scenery.


Places to stay in Bogor


Horison Bogor Hotel


Horison hotel offers easy access to various tourist attractions with hotel amenities that satisfactory to consumers, ranging from satellite TV, mini bar, and pool. This hotel provides 77 rooms with professional staff that is ready to help tourists during a visit to Bogor.


Sahira Butik Hotel


Sahira Butik Hotel offers four types of rooms to the number of 83 rooms, which designed with modern style, world class amenities to pamper guests at affordable prices. This hotel could be a starting point for your trip of the city of rain. All public facilities or available in each room is designed and provided for the convenience of visitors. 24-hour room service, laundry, internet access, swimming pool, and a sauna awarded to pamper visitors.


Royal Safari Garden Resort


This hotel adds to the attraction for visitors while in Bogor as it offers classy and complete facilities, ranging from playgrounds, parks, golf courses, meeting facilities, spa, gym, massage room number as many as 333 rooms are ready to provide comfort to you. Complete facilities in each room provide comfort for visitors while relaxing in the city of rain.


Papyrus Tropical Hotel


Located in a strategic area close to the mall and can be found so that makes this much in demand with 49 superior and deluxe rooms are designed using a combination of modern and traditional. The papyrus tropical hotel provides facilities such as 24hr room service, laundry, safety box, swimming pool, car parking area, restaurant, internet connection and a garden that for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


Popular Things to do and See in Bogor


The Pancawati tourist village


The Pancawati tourist village offers rustic charm with a cozy atmosphere and clean air, which is a rural area whose inhabitants still revere the customs and traditions of the ancestors. Visitors will explore the typical Indonesian arts such as a puppet show, traditional dances Sunda, dishes, ceremonies and rituals farming. Visitors can stay at some of the available villas equipped with full amenities that provide comfort with spectacular vistas.


Tirta Sanita Ciseeng


Being in the border town of Bogor and Tangerang which offers natural hot springs of volcanic limestone Ciseeng that can cure skin diseases, bone diseases, and others. Soak in a natural hot spring into a tourist destination not to be missed while in Bogor. Tirta Sanita Ciseeng provides private bathing rooms of various sizes that could be adjusted the desire of visitors.


BogorBotanical Gardens


Bogor botanical gardens are on the road Ir.Juanda a place originally built to protect the environment and preserve the seeds of the trees on the 15th and 16th centuries. This resort is showing 6000 species of plants in an area of 87ha is capable of being visitor attraction. Carrion flowers or Amorphophallus titanium is an excellent park that unique and always await when blooming.


Mekarsari Parks


Being on a land area of 290 hectares is a fruit garden which is equipped with various facilities such as, tower view, child recreation, outbound area, and enjoy various types of fruit. Travelers can see a variety of typical Indonesian fruit which is an excellent product. Visitors can get detailed information through the Bogor travel guide.


Bogor Palace


Bogor palace is the resting place of Dutch people who work in Jakarta, which was built in 1744. Bogor Presidential Palace of collecting objects of art such as sculpture, painting, ceramics and more. Travelers are invited to see and visit Bogor Palace and to register first. Open house being awaited moment everyone, whether domestic or foreign travelers.


Place to eat in Bogor


MP-Bake Macaroni


Located around the park a favorite golden visitors while in the city of Bogor. Two-storey building with ancient architecture located on Salak Street serves the best macaroni with a quiet, cozy and romantic place to enjoy your dinner.


The applepie


Located on the road Pangrango and is a comfortable place to relax. Various shapes and sizes of pie can be found here while enjoying a modern style with a cool garden and become a favorite of visitors. The price offered is reasonable and even for the tourists.

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