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Bima Travel Guide
Bima Travel Guide

Bima Travel Guide

Bima is a city located in the eastern part of Sumbawa Island with an area of ​​222.25 square kilometers and a shelter for 142,443 people. Most residents of Bima have the livelihoods of farmers, ranchers, merchants who helped the economy. The majority of Bima converted to Islam, followed by several other religions such as Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Historically, Bima is culturally rich cities that attract a lot of attention of tourists from different cities and countries.


Through the Bima travel guide, Bima region producing the famous wild horse milks as a potent cures some diseases and increase sexual desire. In administrative, Bhima is a district of seven districts in West Nusa Tenggara province. With the right guide, visitors can discover the potential of tourism can be traced in the Milky ranging from beautiful beaches, historic buildings, to the culinary. Various handicrafts typical of Bima provide special attraction for visitors such as, ikat weaving, songket, sarong and more.


When you book hotel in Bima, visitors obtain information and guidance to reach tourist attractions, either use public transport or a vehicle provided by the hotel. Coastal area from the Lawala coast to the town gate Bima developed into a center of hospitality making it easier for tourists, both local and foreign tourists looking for a hotel as desired and budget with full facilities. The series Bima city’s history, traditions, culinary and tourist attractions can be found when visitors began to set foot in the city.


According to the Bima travel information, the city’s economy is supported by the results of the sea, the port and the revenue from income taxes to develop the tourism industry is increasingly interested in the world community. Bima city including arid regions, because rainfall is seldom happens, so that many opportunities for visitors looking the best time to visit Bima.


Places to stay in Bima


Lawata Beach Hotel


Lawata beach hotel is located in the Sultan Hasanudin that offers breathtaking scenic beauty of the beach. Visitors will be serve breakfast in the morning scenery and fresh air, enjoy the stunning sunsets while having a romantic dinner. Lawata beach hotel will offer visitors a memorable vacation while in Bima with the best service.


Mutmainah Hotel


Mutmainah hotel located in Gajah Mada Street that continues undergoing renovation to provide comfort to visitors. Mutmainah hotel provides spacious hotel rooms with room and sitting room to relax with the best facilities. Hotel staff provides prompt and exceptional service for visitor satisfaction while in Bima Mutmainah especially at this Hotel. With the right guide of the hotel staff, visitors can reach the best tourist attractions in Bima.


Bima Mantika Hotel


Bima Mantika hotel offers comfort and tranquility for visitors, although located in the HM Noor Latif, which is downtown. The hotel is 20 minutes from the airport Muhammad Salahuddin that offers 4 types of rooms with air conditioning / fan, WIFI, and satellite TV. Restaurant, bar, package tours, transfers airport / hotel when visitors stay more than 2 nights a privilege offered Bima Mantika Hotel for visitors. Visitors will be greeted by friendly and warmly by the receptionist that help visitors to check-in.


Popular things to do and see in Bima




Asa fortress is a fortress located in Bima bay the north entrance of Bima by water. This fort has an interesting history untraceable built in 1667, which built to function for stalking and deter vessels that entered the Bima Company. If the tides, the castle would look like up together with the mainland. This building is one thing nature reserve protected by law and historical artifacts that the main attraction of visitors.




Asi Mbojo/Bima palace


Asi Mbojo a building formerly used as a sultanate Bima and district center in 1950, which was then handed over to the Homeland and converted into a museum in 1989. Visitors can see a variety of heirlooms and royal heritage Bima sultanate. Gunti Rante is a popular museum collection that is amazing machete carved at the time of Majapahit and the sultan crown made of gold. Character building Asi Mbojo in view of the Bima generally a religious building that is used for the study of Islam at the time of Bima sultanate.


Donggo Village


The village is the village’s oldest Donggo Bima where residents had clothing and traditions different from other villages. Donggo village maintains its unique ethnic tradition by always using a black dress, still maintains the hierarchy and builds their own traditional home. Donggo village is above the mountains with an altitude of 1200 meters Soromandi with folk legends and places of heritage. Donggo village with all its uniqueness and the story became a legend in the sights to explore when visitors are in Bima.


Lawata Beach


Lawata Beach offers beach views are different and unique. Lawata located almost outside the city of Bima is a beach with clear water and the best spot for water play. Lawata Beach is in the form of a bulge into Bima bay with a small cave. With the right guide, visitors can reach the beach Lawata and do barbeque while enjoying the beauty of the beach.




Sambori is Lambitu mountainside village located in the southeast of the city of Bima. Sambori derived from the word Sambore meaning decision, to remain on the mountain slopes Lambitu without moving. Sambori is a village rich in plant development, such as garlic, citrus, avocado and other. Under Bima travel information, on the slopes of Sambori are 275 orange trees, 300 avocado trees, 450 mango trees and more. Sambori a village to be visited when visitors are in Bima. With proper guidance and guides, Sambori village can be easily reached.


Places to eat in Bima


Uta Maju


Uta Maju is food made ​​from the town Bima preserved venison jerked meets way. Uta Maju a fibrous meat is tender and tasty, although only basic spices flavored and made in the traditional way. Some restaurant in Bima offer Uta Maju tempting tasty and so it is difficult not to be missed when in Bima.


Lila Graha Resto


Lila Graha resto is one of the best in Bima restaurant offering Indonesian food and Bima delicious and tempting. Visitors can get food at affordable prices and a glut.

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