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Banjarbaru indonesia travel guide
Banjarbaru indonesia travel guide

Banjarbaru indonesia travel guide

Banjarbaru indonesia travel guide

Banjarbaru is a city in the South and a new city in South Kalimantan. Banjarbaru has area 371.30 square kilometers with a population of 199,359 lives by 2010 census. Banjarbaru can be left from the city of Banjarmasin with a mileage of 35km to the southeast. Banjarbaru is a diamond-producing town located in the district of Cempaka and the center of the city’s oldest settlements. Based on the administrative, Banjarbaru consists of several districts among others, Banjarbaru southern, northern Banjarbaru, Cempaka, Landasan Ulin and Liang Anggang.


Through the Banjarbaru travel guide, visitors can explore every corner of the city and visit the city Banjarbaru diamond producer. Residents Banjarbaru majority are tribal banjo, followed by ethnic Javanese, Toraja, bugis, mandar, Madura, Buket, bakumpai, and tribal Sundanese. Banjarbaru formed in 1960 that were previously under the Dutch colonial power so not be surprised when people see some of the building leading to the Dutch state. Many historic buildings preserved Dutch heritage that can be traced and used the visitors while in Banjabaru.


When you book hotels in Banjarbaru, visitors will see a lot of progress in the development of Banjarbaru past and present. When set foot in the city Banjarbaru, visitors will find a welcome monument and symbol of the city areas that have a particular meaning. Comfort and luxury hotels in Banjarbaru facilities are available for visitors, whether traveling on business or leisure. Convenience major factor in Banjarbaru to make visitors feel welcome at home. With the proper guide, visitors can explore Banjarbaru.


According to the Banjarbaru travel information, development planners assisted Banjarbaru development of Dutch descent and stalled until the change of status of the town into a city administrative Banjarbaru. Banjarbaru city development is not limited to construction but also of population Banjarbaru moves from out of town, whether from outside or Kalimantan. Banjarbaru travel information provides a variety of information about the city Banjarbaru to visitors in order to feel closer to the historical development of this city.


Places to stay in Banjarbaru


Permata Inn


Permata Inn is located on the Ahmad Yani and reached within ten minutes from the airport. Permata Inn offers the best-in-class facilities to the visitors by providing restaurant, coffee shop and more. This hotel was one of the visitors who will be doing business in Banjarbaru, considering the city is a producer of diamonds. Permata Inn is convenient hotel for all those who would do business or travel with the best facilities and affordable prices.


Batung Batulis Hotel


Batung batulis hotel located in the jend sudirman Street included in the 1-star hotel that provides facilities and comfort for visitors. Batung Batulis hotel provides spacious rooms with air to provide the convenience of visitors to move in the rooms. Service staff are fast and reliable hotel to hotel perks for visitors in Banjarbaru.


Popular things to do and see in Banjarbaru


Museum Lambung Mangkurat


Museum lambung mangkurat is one with a lot of tourist attractions and cultural heritage Banjarbaru and southern Kalimantan profile. The museum contains relics of empire Banjar, majestic temple site, temple barrel, and stone tools, carved ironwood, farming utensils, household furniture, tools and other traditional music. Mangkurat Lambung Museum in downtown Banjarbaru, which can be reached within 25 minutes by car from Banjarmasin.


Diamond panning


Diamond panning is a favorite of visitors who visited Banjarbaru and want to explore all corners of the city Banjarbaru. Location pedulangan diamonds are pumping village, and subdistrict Cempaka is 7km away from Banjarbaru and 42km from Banjarmasin. This attraction is spinning diamonds done in groups traditionally done by digging a hole at a depth of 10-12meter, using traditional tools and methods. Visitors can trade in diamonds panning to purchase diamond jewelry that can be varied.


Taman Van Der Pilj


Van Der Pilj Park is one of the names Banjarbaru park was built as a tribute to Van Der Pilj, a Dutch-born architecture of its success in designing Banjarbaru city. Until now, Park Van Der Pilj used Banjarbaru locals to gather. Van Der Pilj Banjarbaru assist in urban planning so that residents avoid flooding the city due to the low ground.


Bekantan Park


Proboscis Monkey Park is one of the tourist attractions in Banjarbaru the main attraction of tourists, both local and foreign tourists. Proboscis Monkey Park visitors can enter through the large gates that are designed and made to resemble a giant proboscis. Proboscis monkey park is designed for visitors, ranging from education, entertainment to sports. Various facilities such as outbound facilities, zoos and more can be enjoyed by visitor’s proboscis monkey park.


Chandra Kirana Park


Chandra Kirana Park is one of the parks that are designed and made that highlight the beauty of the trees and free of pollution that can improve the health of residents. In the Chandra Kirana Park there are a lot of play facilities for visitors such as, swimming pool, water boom and track circuit.  Visitors can relax in the Chandra Kirana park while enjoying the view and the fresh air.


Durian Argowisata


Argowisata durian is a nursery durian area with a number of 24 varieties of 600 serving a variety of durian trees durian, which is never empty of visitors, both local and foreign tourists. This vehicle is not only reserved for durian lovers but also provide education about planting durian, durian and knowledge of crossbreeding durian tree maintenance in order to flourish.


Places to eat in Banjarbaru


Swarga Restaurant


Swarga restaurant is including food stalls at Banjarbaru are widely recommended for the visitors while in Banjarbaru. Roast duck is a dish Swarga flagship restaurant located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, exactly in front of the Garden Van Der Pilj. Roast duck from Swarga restaurant not just baked as usual but using a secret potion from swarga restaurant that feels exotic and unsurpassed.


Lontong Orari Stall


This stall is one of the food stalls at Banjarbaru very popular not only among locals, but also popular among tourists. Lontong Orari a mainstay eatery whose menu consists of two rice cake, with young jackfruit vegetables mixed with coconut milk sweetened with Haruan fried fish, chicken, sweet spices and boiled eggs. Visitors can choose the preferred side dish. In this shop, visitors will not see luxury seating but just a typical repose mats or matting of Borneo.

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