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Balikpapan indonesia travel guide
Balikpapan indonesia travel guide

Balikpapan indonesia travel guide

Balikpapan indonesia travel guide

Balikpapan is a city that can be said as the city with the highest cost of living all over Indonesia with an area of ​​503.3 square kilometers, as a shelter for 639,031 people.  Balikpapan inhabited by various ethnic groups such as, Banjar, Paser Behind, Kutai, Dayak, Javanese, Bugis, and others. Like various other cities in Indonesia, Balikpapan religious affiliation of the population, namely, Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kaharingan, and Confucianism. Balikpapan city economic development continues to be a reason for opening up transport links for business and pleasure travel by land, air and sea.


Through the Balikpapan travel guide, Balikpapan residents languages spoken Indonesian followed by several tribal languages such as, Paser language, Banjar, Bugis, Javanese and Madurese Kutai. Based Balikpapan travel guide, visitors can see a lot of the traditional wedding ceremony took place using the customs and traditions of each tribe, such as, interest Kutai, Dayak, Banjar, Bugis and Javanese. Diverse cultures and customs are mixed together is the reason the city has many unique to be traced. Every inch of the way people search and explored, visitor closer to the culture, customs and traditions of the Samarinda.


When you book hotels in Samarinda, visitors are always greeted by the hotel staff dressed in Balikpapan tradition with smiles and hospitality that makes visitors linger in this city. All the facilities and services of five-star hotels ready to pamper visitors to enjoy the days at Samarinda, either business or pleasure. We will explore the city of Samarinda, guides and maps are available at the city location for the convenience of visitors.


According to the Samarinda travel information, the city’s economy relies on industry sector dominated trading industry, oil and gas, and industrial services. Airport Sepinggan is air transport that can be accessed from various cities in Indonesia. Balikpapan is a much sought after area of ​​strategic entrepreneurs to invest and make profits.  Regardless of business needs, Balikpapan into the city began to rise for a visit for local and foreign tourists.


Places to stay in Samarinda


Zurich Hotel


Located in the Sudirman Street provides 114 rooms and 4 types of rooms that are designed with modern interior with luxury and fully amenities.Zurich hotel offers high comfort for visitors, whether as business or pleasure while in Balikpapan. Coffee shop, restaurant, business center, internet access and meeting facilities are offered to support the business interests of our guests. Transfers airport/hotel is a service provided by the hotel for the convenience of visitors.


Gran Senyiur Hotel


Gran Senyiur hotel offers quiet accommodation with the comfort of luxurious facilities for presenting high visitor satisfaction. Meeting rooms, a golf course, coffee shop, bar, and business center are available to support business needs while in Balikpapan.Gran Senyiur hotel not only offers luxury accommodation but prefer the comfort and satisfaction of the guests. Amenities such as, coffee and tea maker, LCD TV, daily newspaper and a variety of other luxury amenities available to pamper guests.


Grand Jatra Hotel


Grand Jatra Hotel is located in the Sudirman is the perfect base to start the exploration of visitors to Balikpapan. Grand jatra hotel is situated in a strategic location and ease of access to the city center and many popular tourist attractions in the city. Grand Jatra Hotel is built with the best standards of hotel comfort, cleanliness maintained hotel, service is fast and reliable, equipped facilities 24-hour room service, laundry, Jacuzzi, massage, sauna, internet access and a restaurant with a special dish.


Aston Hotel & residence


Aston hotel & residence offers accommodation with breathtaking views and luxurious amenities. The hotel provides 150 rooms and 4 room types are equipped with modern amenities and interiors for comfort and satisfaction of visitors. Restaurant, pool, coffee shop, meeting facilities, internet access, tennis courts and more are available to support the interests of business and pleasure. Aston hotel & residence is 7km away from the airport where visitors can transfer hotel/airport service  that convenient and timely.


Popular things to do and see in Balikpapan


Derawan Island


Derawan Island is marine tourism is not only popular in Indonesia but also abroad. To achieve Derawan, visitors can use a speed boat or use a lot of tours available with mileage 1.5 hour via Tarakan. Visitors can see the view of the sea and the dazzling underwater coral reefs and the fish were amazing. With the proper guide, visitors can visit some other islands with fantastic views. Derawan Island is a paradise for divers, both local and foreign tourists.


Monumentsstruggle of the people


Monuments struggle of the people is a symbol of struggle of the people Balikpapan located in the city center. Monuments the struggle of the people is neatly landscaped gardens with background scenery stunning white sand beaches. Visitors can enjoy cultural performances and folk art on certain days.


Mathilda Monument


Mathilda monument is monument, historically a milestone as the beginning of the oil city of Balikpapan. According Balikpapan travel information, at this location was first discovered oil resources by the invaders who never stopped. Mathilda is the name of the daughter of the inventor of oil resources.




7th Australian Division memorial is memorial to the Australian soldiers who died fighting the Japanese army general who is on the Sudirman road adjacent to the beach Strand Banua Patra. Memorials can be visited by local and foreign tourists particularly Australian tourists using rental cars or public transport in Balikpapan.


Places to eat in Balikpapan


Kenari Restaurant


Kenari Restaurant located in the Iswahyudi serves crab famous, not only among people but also tourists from Balikpapan outside Aberdeen. Crab dish best served uses spices and cooking methods that are reliable, so it very special and penetrate to the crab meat. What restaurant is adjacent to the airport Sepinggan, so many visitors buy crab dish to take to the city of origin.


Simpang Empat Stall


Simpang empat stall offer different offers dishes from all over Indonesia and can only be obtained in the city of Balikpapan, namely, buns fried with black pepper venison with a tantalizing spicy flavor. Deer black pepper served very tasty tender meat texture and slightly sweet, with flavors of spicy black pepper served with cashew nuts favorite dish Balikpapan residents. With the proper guide, visitors can taste the buns with black pepper venison was delicious.

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