Friday , 25 May 2018
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GST: What is The Impact of GST on The Common Man in India


Indirect Tax product is highly complicated in India because there are various kinds of taxes that are charged by the State Government authorities on Products and Services. These taxes consist of Value Added Tax for buyingservices and goods by customer and Entertainment Tax for watching film. The other taxes are Import Duties, Excise duties, Luxury Tax, Entry Tax, Service Tax …

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Celebrating the Holiday with Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus

Celebrating the Holiday with Happy Festivus In the Traditional terms, Happy Festivus is the greeting of Festivus and with following the featured in “The Strike”. That episode was run with Seinfeld which had first aired on 18 December 1997. Well according to the Seinfeld model the Festivus is celebrating every year on 23rd December. Peoples are celebrating this Festivus also …

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